August 22, 2011

The Writer's Manifesto: Jeff Goins

Source: Jeff Goins
Today is the day.

Today is MY day.

In fact, every day is MY day.

To write.

For me.

Not for more followers, or more comments - though if I write my best stuff, those will come. I will write things that resonate with readers.

Today, I get my inspiration from Jeff Goins.

If you want to be inspired to write, to create, because to do otherwise means that you're life is somehow incomplete, sign up for his newsletter.

And get a free copy of his Writer's Manifesto, you you too can be inspired.

To write...and to live...for you.


  1. Thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to reading The Writer's Manifesto.

  2. I'm always inspired by your writings.

  3. Very inspiring. I do tend to look to affirmation from others and should just do it for ME!!! :O)

  4. Hey, thanks. Good seeing you Saturday.


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