September 11, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

On Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of babysitting grandsons Seth (aged 3) and baby Russell (almost 3 months). 

Here they are, relaxing last week while Mommy read to them:

Sometimes, at the end of a long day, a story and a thumb are just what you need to relax
Mommy and Daddy (Tammy and Frank) went on an out-of town anniversary trip that they'll not soon forget. Near the end of a hike at a state park, Tammy fell on a wet, slippery incline and used her right wrist to break her fall.

Unfortunately, Tammy's wrist was the thing that broke. She's splinted (and drugged) up; Monday, she will visit an orthopedic surgeon for further care. We're waiting to hear if she needs surgery to repair the break.

I really wanted to see her x-ray (Frank brought the image home on CD, but I couldn't open the file). The Mister, the big sissy, didn't want to see it - he said it would make him cry.

The babysitting went well. My red shirt became the target for all manner of bodily fluids as Russell drooled on my shoulder and Seth used my shirt as a Kleenex for his runny nose (and the huge pile of toilet paper he brought me wasn't within his reach). 

During one diaper change, I totally forgot about the "fountain" that can result from a baby boy - yep, I got pee on my shirt, too.

Baby Russ was smiley and cheerful - unless he was hungry or tired. I can verify that his lungs work really well. He's an enthusiastic eater, but a reluctant burper.

The trick to get him to quiet down for sleep? Simply swaddle him up like a little burrito, and he falls asleep within thirty seconds. It was magical!

The next time I do a crossword puzzle with the clue 7-letter word for quiet, I will struggle to choose SILENCE or SWADDLE.

Seth is a terrific block builder. On Sunday, he built a replica of my house, and I must say, he got it spot on! I can only assume that he has a photographic memory. 

And he's a genius. And I don't want you to think I'm getting all boastful and stuff - I just happen to have seven of the most amazing grandchildren of all times.

If you've ever been to our house, I'm sure you'd agree that the replica is perfect:

Frank commented that Seth will build a real house for Grandma some day...I know it will be stunning!

I had forgotten how much energy it takes to look after a baby and a preschooler. I believe this is one reason why old people like me aren't normally able to have babies.

Another reason? If we had a baby, he/she would be getting out of diapers about the same time The Mister and I would be getting into them.

I slept really well Saturday night - those boys wore their Grandma out!

I look forward to my next babysitting adventure! 

I'll be the grandma wearing vinyl.


  1. That is the cutest picture of the boys. My daughter is a nanny and she says the first thing she does is peel off her body-fluids-shirt when she gets home. Sounds like fun. Hope your daughter in law isn't in too bad a shape with that wrist.

  2. I'm exhausted for you! Sounds like fun though, except for the broken wrist (bummer). Bet you're ready to relax.

  3. ok, that photo of the 2 boys sucking their thumbs. priceless.

    man, I totally understand the whole being tired after babysitting. wow.

    I'm sorry about her wrist. that really sucks. hope she doesn't have to have surgery

  4. Babysitting wears me out too, but I really like the joyous chaos of a day with one or more of my four grandchildren whom I will put up against anyones as the worlds most brilliant people under drinking age.

  5. Nothing tires you out quite like a baby and a future architect toddler. Poor Tammy! That is going to make mothering these two kind of diffcult!


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