September 09, 2011

Book Blurb Friday - 09/09/11 A Twofer

Lisa Ricard Claro of Writing in the Buff is our hostess for Book Blurb Friday.

The goal? Write a book jacket blurb from the photo provided (courtesy of Joseph Claro). Word limit: 150.

I'm feeling inspired by today's photo, so I'm going to provide TWO separate blurbs for the price of one. Operators standing by...Order now...Don't delay!

Green Housing in the New Economy: Dive In!
by Nevaina Million Yeers

Rampant unemployment and numerous foreclosures have people scrambling for affordable and sustainable housing. In addition, folks are increasing their recycling efforts, leaving waste management companies scrambling to sell off inventory.

The housing bubble and poor economic outlook has provided an opportunity to satisfy everyone's demands for housing: welcome to the age of Dumpster Co-ops! Stylish and portable, these housing units are popping up all over America.

Perfect for college graduates wanting their first pad, as well as seniors wishing to downsize, dumpster co-op communities offer a desirable alternative to apartment living.

Nevaina Yeers is your guide during your search for the perfect home. She can tell you how to:

  • Select an appropriate sized unit
  • Negotiate the best price possible
  • Locate a community where you'll feel at home
  • Determine whether dumpster living is for you!

One Man's Trash
by Elwood Farklesnark

Had Main Street been passable, Tom Mendicant would never have become a millionaire. Forced to drive down the alley behind the Archester mansion was the luckiest day of his life. Tom was drawn to the glint of the sun's reflection from a mirror that had been placed in the dumpster. Stopping to take a look, he decided that the mirror would be a perfect addition to his kitschy collection of Depression-era memorabilia.

It was six months before he knew the true value of his dumpster find. His life changed in ways he could never imagine.

Read along about the miraculous changes that mirror brought to Tom's own reflection - and his life. Who knows? It may just make you stop and pick up a bright and shiny object the next time you pass a dumpster.


  1. First one, too close to reality. Second one so intriguin., PLEASE tell me what he discovered. I hate looking in the mirror.

  2. Ha! I have actually thought about how those boxcar like storage units could be made into homes ... though you would sure need some sort of lighting. I don't think I could fit enough into a dumpster.

    I like your second story too ... I wonder what the mirror does and how it has changed his life.

    Happy BBF!

    Kathy M.

  3. Two! That's a first for BBF, I think. Nice job. The first is hilarious, from the name of the author on through your tongue-in-cheek look at today's real estate market. Funny as all get out.

    The second is terrific, too, with a great hook and enough questions to have me wanting to find out the details. Nicely done!

  4. Got a laugh out of the first one, although it might be my fate one day.
    Would have to buy the second book to find out if the mirror was worth a fortune or if it made him a fortune.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. The first one made me laugh green gone mad, but with today's economy and housing market surely the possibility is out there. The second blurb sounds like a great story and I'd have to read it to answer all my questions.

  6. Nice job with two! The dumpster housing one had me laughing, but I also enjoyed your second "reflection" piece, and maybe enjoyed it more than your first!

  7. If I order two additional units, can I get a free brush?

    Hilarious as always … but sadly I suspect the first one might actually come to pass at one point.


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