September 08, 2011

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - Hoarding is Cool

I chose the prompt about what I would hoard, if I were a hoarder. Link up with Mama Kat here!

Before you read, you gotta check out this picture! I want this in my house!

If I were a hoarder, I'd have loads of books
Since I own no Kindle, no iPad, nor Nook
With stacks of fine mysteries
and piles of chicklit
I'd fill all flat surfaces
And our chairs? You can't sit
lest you disturb my biographies
cookbooks, poetry and such
The Mister would whine that
"The books are too much!"

But I'd never hear him
as I sat 'round the piles
of hardbacks, trade paperbacks
and books of all styles
Behind the floor-to-ceiling
stack of Proust and Tolstoy
I'd never hear the litany
of crap from The Boy
If he needed to find me
he'd just have to look
for the form crouched beside
the Coke Zero and books!

Don't hold me in contempt,
don't view me with scorn
Because I'm not alone 
In my love of book porn!

For your viewing pleasure of the way folks store and display their books, click the link in the last line.


  1. I was sent over from Kat's site1 I love the book porn. I do have a Nook so i don't have that problem. Love your blog! Jen

  2. Ha ha! Love it. No, you are definitely NOT alone on this one!

  3. Loved it, as usual! I need to try Mama Kat sometime. I'm also a book junkie!!

  4. Oh books!!!! I totally forgot about that while commenting on a post earlier!

    I'm like you, I'd hoard books! I have an iPad for many things. Have some
    e-books. Know what? I still love, love, love books. The way they smell. They way they feel. The way holding it in your hands and opening it sends a thrill though me, even if I've read it several times. *sigh* Living with the in laws I have no space for the many books I already have. Thus why hubs got me my iPad. Funny, I play on it more than I use it for reading.

  5. Bookshelf porn is right! That is some hard core stuff ... I love it. I need it. I want all of it. Sigh.

  6. Haha - that was great.
    And OOOh yes, I want that secret passage too - it's so cool :)

  7. OH! A secret library on the second floor, hidden behind a bookcase door? <>! I want one! And I LOVE books too, so the Engineer got me a Kindle to keep down the piles!

  8. I'd hoard books too! Actually, come to think of it, I ALREADY hoard books!

  9. standing ovation. *crowd goes wild*

    I love books, and coke zero (but you already knew that).

    I'm lazy now tho. I have a Sony EReader and I find that I can't read a "real" book. I have to be able to download one from my library and make the font bigger cuz I'm old.

    That library that you want is all sorts of awesome.

  10. Excellent poetry! I have a friend who has tables in her house made out of her books...just stacks of books!


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