September 24, 2011

Saturday Centus - 09/24/11 - The Party's Over

Jenny Matlock has switched things up again! Today, the word limit is 150 (excluding the prompt), and the entire submission must be done using dialogue.

As usual, the prompt appears below, in bold text.

The Bachelor Party

“Joe, a ‘pub crawl’ was the perfect way to celebrate your last night of freedom.”

“Thanks, guys! It was awesome! And, Jeff, thanks for getting the limo, so nobody had to be designated driver tonight.”

“Joe, tomorrow, you’ll hand over your manhood to the little woman. I’m lucky my wife let me out of the house tonight – I just know I’m going to have to do at least fifteen chores on the honey do list because of this. Nag, nag nag.”

“You got that right, Larry! And you know she’ll be sniffing to check if you smell like perfume when you get in, because she told Andrea that she bets that we all go to a strip club. I’m turning of my cell, so she can’t text me all night long. Wives are all alike, you know.”

“Joe, are you seriously ordering another martini?

“It’s tradition to grant the condemned man’s last wish, isn’t it?”


  1. I bet this dialogue happens at a lot of bachelor parties. Getting the groom all worried about the ball and chain, hah!!

  2. Well, I hope he doesn't throw up at the alter!! You had fun with this prompt, didn't you!!! It shows!!!

  3. Great text! It feels authentic, even though it is fictious! Why is alcoholic beverages a part of certain rites of passage such a bachelor parties? Sometimes these parties end tragically because of drunkedness.

    Well done.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC wk 73'Lunch with B&V'

  4. oh yeah. those men are scared of us little ladies. Me, it's always nice when I have an evening to myself. I wouldn't be calling or texting my hubby. No way.

  5. Great post, June. I especially like the setting -a bar on Joe's last free night. You actually make me feel sympathetic towards the guy!

  6. I love it when men are afraid of women! Poor dudes whining about their wives and prepping their friend for the horrors of marriage. Perfect!


  7. I love your take on the prompt. It sounds like it would actually happen at a bachelor party.

  8. LOL ... very clever and brilliantly done!

  9. Ahhh, you've captured the true spirit of silly men! Love it!

  10. Great post. Followed :)

  11. This one put a big smile on my face. Perfect use of the prompt, the dialogue feels all too real. But I must admit, I'm with Dazee, I value my alone time far too much to text or call LOL

  12. Oh poor Joe may decide he doesn't want to make it to the wedding! Good job. laurie

  13. Sadly, this rings true to all bachelor party patter I've ever heard.

  14. I always hear about bachelors parties like this...they always seem so excessive to me.

    You did a great job of letting us all be a fly on the wall at this event though!

    Cool writing.


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