September 28, 2011

Who Do They Think They're Dealing With?

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The Boy is still in the hospital, and is scheduled for discharge this Friday.

He'll be headed back to detention - for at least the weekend. I don't know the judge's schedule, so I don't know when the detention hearing can be scheduled.

They're required to send me a notice prior to the hearing (via mail), so that could cause another delay.

The Boy is already fretting about going back there to a cell (even for one day). I'm really concerned that he'll have another mental health crisis if he has to spend several days there.

I'd hate for the bit of progress that's been made during his hospital stay to be wiped out due to governmental red tape. I already know that the staff will not give him his medication at the times set up by the psychiatrist. That change in schedule might be okay for one day - but for three or more?

I'll be on the phone early in the morning, trying to find out the intentions of the juvenile office and court.

Also, I received notice from the NAMI CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) coordinator that the one officer who wanted to attend training was prevented from doing so. The police chief did not grant him permission to attend.

This was free training taking place about ten minutes from here. 

So I guess, as far as our local police are concerned, it's fine and dandy to mace adolescents with mental health issues.

I've already called my state representative, and am waiting for a return call. I'll also be returning a call from the states Protection and Advocacy office, which handles mental health concerns.

If these folks can't help me, I might just have to get the police report and go to the media, so they can draw some attention to the fact that our little podunk town doesn't think enough of its most vulnerable citizens to get training.

I've been dealing with The Boy's physical outbursts for years. Not once have I had to handcuff him, nor mace him. I was taught how to do a therapeutic restraint to get him to the floor safely. From there, it's all about the negotiation and reassurance, until he calms down. Surely the police could learn some skills, too.

My ultimate goal is to make sure that this type of stuff never happens again in my town - to The Boy, or to any child or adult who is in crisis. If I have to call in the big guns to do that, so be it.

My brother Gary thinks I should sue the department.

They haven't heard the last of me yet.

Don't they know not to mess with Mama Bear where her cubs are concerned?


  1. I hear you growling, scowling and prowling, sic 'em!

    The system is in a mess. I hope things get resolved soon for you. hugs.

  2. I think you really do need to get the media involved. Your police chief needs to be taught a thing or two.

    How would he love it if a bunch of your blogger friends started picketing around the police station. yeah, bet he would love that.

  3. It is ridiculous that they couldn't go to that training … espeically when they just had an incident that would have benefited from that kind of training. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Boy … and that all the good things that happened in the past week don't get erased.


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