October 18, 2011

All of a Sudden, I'm Busier than a One-Armed Paperhanger

You know those annoying holiday letters that people send out, listing all of the stellar accomplishments the family has made during another perfect year in paradise?

This post is a lot like one of those...without the sickening sweet stench of excellence.

What can you do? I was feeling epistolary.

Dear Readers,

A lot has been going on. As I sit here, lightning and thunder is rolling into the area. I love a good storm. The rain is coming down. The nights are cooler now, Fall is here to stay.

The Boy has transitioned back to school rather nicely. His behavior at home is improving too, though he still has flashes of anger from time to time. He's adjusting to his new meds and to the new administration times.

We've altered the amount of time he spends online - it seemed that the longer he was plugged in, the more irritable he became. So now he's on a two hour limit during the week, and two hours off, two hours on for the weekends. He's not ventured outside to succumb to the charms of the girls next door. When he's not online, he watches movies, eats, reads, eats, talks endlessly to me, asks me when it's time to eat, and lazes about.

I took him to my writers' group meeting twice - he wants to join. He read one of his blog posts for the critique meeting, and cracked bad nerd jokes.

And he just loves one of the group's members. Verna is a spirited woman who is ninety years young. She and The Boy watched his Oswald the Rabbit DVD. Verna said she gets along with children because she is now in her second childhood.

I spent last Tuesday with Verna, helping her to organize her files for compilation into an ebook. She's a joy to be with. She's smart and funny and wise and kind. She still drives, and does really well going forward (and tends to drift a bit when backing up). And man, does she love chocolate desserts! She doesn't feel guilty about eating them - she merely thinks of all the times she did NOT indulge, and digs in.

I've already asked her if it's okay if I act just like her if I make it to ninety.

The Mister had an encounter with a deer last week. The van is the worse for the meeting, though it didn't fare as badly as the deer, who most likely succumbed in the accident. So now we have the damaged van and the Death Machine - we're a car dealer's dream.

I'm still futzing around with WordPress and am editing Verna's stories. I have to learn the ins and outs of creating an ebook so we can get Verna set up to make her millions. Her stories are all true, and are about her life with her family - with a special focus on her children and grandchildren. When I get this ebook sent off, I'm sure I'll post about the finished product and nag encourage everyone to purchase a copy.

On Sunday, The Mister and I had lunch with my friend Jim, who is from Pennsylvania. I met Jim in 2001. He is one of the happiest men I've ever met. He was in St. Louis for a convention with the 8th Air Force, a unit from WWII. His interest in the group stems from his cousin Harry's service in the unit; he was an enlisted man who worked hard to earn his wings as a pilot, and was killed in action over Germany (during his eighth mission).

Jim is a Vietnam vet, and is also active in veteran's groups and the POW/MIA effort.

He taught me about chair dancing - he used to do that at his job. He also turned me onto the movie Mulan - a movie that always makes him cry.

I'd describe Jim as a good girlfriend, but he's burdened with man parts.

I had promised to make Jim brownies and mail them several months ago - he had to drive all the way to St. Louis to get them.

I guess he should be glad I don't live on the West coast.

'Tis the season for socializing. This Friday we'll be meeting my cousin and her husband for breakfast. She's in town for a conference, and her husband is along for the trip. I am guessing it's been at least 20 years since I last saw her; we recently reconnected on Facebook.

With all this activity, housework has taken a back seat.

To be honest, housework takes a back seat every week.

Until next time,


  1. Your life sounds like a ripple in a lake compared to the slamming waves hitting you a few weeks ago. Are you still writing?

  2. I am so glad that things are settling down for you and the boy. I think it is amazing how babies and old people are the things that bring our kids peace, the same applies to my bipolar son. Put him with an elderly person and he is centered and calm.

  3. Glad things are getting better. Verna sounds wonderful! That's awesome that you are helping her out with her e-book. I'd love to learn more about it.

    Hope you have a great time with your cousin!

  4. how nice of you to help out verna. and I must say, It's great to see your signature as Kim.

    Glad to hear that the boy is doing better. you need that.

  5. Housework. Bleh!

    I've noticed that when J is online too long, he gets the same way. Must be something about checking out? Hmmm.. I'm sure one day someone will do some kind of study on it.

    Those Holiday / New Year's Letters...yeah, they just are one more way to make me feel like I'm not doing me household 'duty'. LOL.

  6. Glad to hear the Boy is finding some balance and getting back into the groove of things. And Verna is now my ideal for aging!! She sounds awesome. How generous of your to organize her stories into an e-book!!! And enjoy your girlfriend Jim.


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