October 11, 2011

How Tolerant Are You? A Sociological Experiment

An uncomfortable, maybe even scary, situation. How would YOU react?

Would this situation intimidate you?

Would you have taken your seat?

Note that the women were more willing to sit than the men. I found that part pretty interesting.

Wasn't this a great commercial? Sells the product AND gets us to think about our attitudes and prejudices.

The Mister and I don't drink beer - our scene would have been left on the cutting room floor.


  1. Yep I would have plopped right down amidst them all. Cause I love bikers and tattoos..

  2. I'd have smiled and weaved my way through the crowd. However, if the seats were not together, I wouldn't have.

  3. I THINK I would have taken a seat -- trying to be polite yet invisible. And I would have freaked when they broke into applause.

  4. lol,, good one,,, dont know what i might do.. lol

  5. Yea, I think this would be intimidating, because I hate to go thru all that trouble for a seat...I have a weak bladder ;)

  6. you know, it would totally depend on who I was with. I think I would go sit. I'm not scared of tattoo guys anymore. hell, when I got my tats, there were guys I was talking to that I wouldn't have otherwise. So yeah.

    I don't drink bear either, but heck, I might of just to be applauded like that.


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