October 19, 2011

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - 10/20/11 Grumpy Old Lady Haiku

The prompt I chose this week:

Write a Haiku for Fall and pair it with a favorite Fall photo you’ve taken this year

No pic from me - I've lost my camera, or misplaced it during a senior moment But I do have a haiku for Fall, and the monsters that roam our neighborhood every day of the year.

Bah, Halloween!
Autumn leaves fall down
Carpeting my deck and lawn
Must get a new rake

Finally, cool temps
Kids play football in the street
Pigskin hits my car

Children yell and fight
Outside my window for hours
Voodoo dolls on order

Halloween is here
Scary goblins in the dark
BOO!  - sissies screaming

Costumed savages
Roam the streets and beg for food
Like they deserve treats

Little terrorists
Making my life Hell on Earth
Go home wee pustules

Don't come to my door
No sweets for bratty kids
Pester the neighbors

Zombies search for brains
Our craniums are empty
Skip our neighborhood


  1. LOL - I'll remember not to bring my kids over for treats.

  2. BWhahahah umm I take it the neighborhood kids are horrible. Another reason I like my 4 acres lol no one close by to irritate me

  3. Very funny! I'm starting to feel the same way! Nice job!

  4. Quite the overachiever aren't we? I LOVE it! Multiple haiku's in one poem? I bow to your talent. Well done! I squeeked out ONE haiku earlier this week but for today I chose the list... it was so much easier!

  5. Ha! My neighborhood is pretty much kid-less (but I make sure to keep my lights off anyway b/c kids from blocks away will come to our street. We ain't home, ain't got no candy!). Damn heathens.

  6. Wow, super funny. I hope the pain-in-the-butt kids stay away from your house this year. :)

  7. I love this! Especially "sissies screaming". Bwah hahaha!

  8. I almost did this prompt but pooped out (having a bit of a head cold right now) but now I"m glad I didn't as these are so great!

  9. Voodoo dolls indeed. Amazon, right? ;D

  10. How do you DO it? You should be multi-published.


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