October 08, 2011

My First Meeting at BA (Bloggers Anonymous)

"Hi, my name is Kim, and I'm a pseudonymous blogger."
"Hi Kim."

It's time to come clean - time to be myself. Anonymous (and/or Pseudonymous) no more.

I've been deceiving readers for long enough now - my name is NOT June Freaking Cleaver.

I know that you're shocked surprised bored out of your mind - I'll just sit here and wait while you process this new information...or get a cup of coffee...or visit the bathroom.

I gotta tell you, it feels good to come clean, to 'fess up. It feels real good.

I'd like to leave my June Freaking Cleaver past behind (losing the name, but none of the snark).

Not that I didn't embrace June Freaking Cleaver. Quite the opposite. She and I shared many personality traits.

But in light of the upcoming legal difficulties regarding The Boy, I figured it would be my luck that Karma was just about ready to beat me over the head with copyright infringement paperwork or something.

Yes, I'm currently THAT paranoid.

To begin anew, I've started learning tearing my hair out playing with WordPress. I have lots to learn, and will be attempting to import all of my existing content to its new home once I get my template all spiffy...like that's ever going to work.

Help me!

Here's where The Mister wanted me to add some lameass quote from the movie The Fly, but I convinced him that my readers are too sophisticated to watch stuff like that.

He's such a geek.

I hope you'll all join me in my continued blogging adventure, where I will be "flirting with normal".

I'll keep you posted.

Instead of ending today's meeting with the typical Serenity Prayer, let me leave you with this (which I stole from here):

Blogger's Prayer
Our Blog,
Who art in WordPress,
Googled be thy name.
Thy spiders come,
Thy will become indexed, and less likely to be ignored.
Give us today, more daily traffic,
And forgive us our affiliates,
As we forgive those, who affiliate against us,
And lead us not into Adsensing,
But deliver us from spamming. 

flirtingwithnormal.com COMING SOON!


  1. Oh wow!! What a huge step for you and your blog! Deep breaths...I don't know a thing about switching from Blogger to Wordpress other than that I hired someone to do it for me.

    Oh, but here's an ebook that SITS recommends: http://www.howtomovefrombloggertowordpress.com/

    Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Let us know for sure when you move over there. I will follow you wherever you go. yeah, I'm a stalker, but a nice one.

  3. Son-of-a-gun, you amaze me. I can barely figure out this miserable Blogger.

  4. Hi Kim!!

    I'm Jen and I have a blogging problem too.

    Wordpress is like Valhalla compared to Blogger!! You'll love it. Come join us on the "dark" side.

  5. HI Kim nice to finally meet you. Yeah I knew you weren't June Cleaver you were too much like me and dealing with what we deal with in our boys June would have been bald and missing those pearls. Ahem. I loathe WP I never have been able to figure it out and it drives me batty.. but I do have my own domain, even on Blogger lol.

  6. I've been thinking about doing the same thing! Let me know any tricks, will you?


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