October 21, 2011

Red Writing Hood - 10/21/11 Scary Stuff

The Instructions:

For this week’s Red Writing Hood prompt, we’re inviting you to truly scare us. Here’s what you’ll need to do: Compose a post in the form of a text–160 characters. Your text must elicit or express fear.

Fear is a funny thing...at least it can be.

Here are my three attempts at eliciting fear:

Going Postal - Don't Open Your Mailbox!

Pineview HOA: 2 new neighbors moving in. Welcome Octomom and Kate Gosselin!

Dear Taxpayer,Your IRS audit is scheduled for tomorrow @4pm.

Agent A. Winklestein

Totally Natural Moms of Multiples Magazine
Cover Story: Recall of Birth Control Pills Due to Contraceptive Failure Rate > 70% 

Are you scared yet?


  1. Ha! Octomom AND Kate Gosselin AND an IRS audit...now that truly IS some scary stuff.

    Love our tongue-in-cheek take on the prompt :)

  2. I love your spin on this. And yes, the new neighbors are frightening!

  3. BWhahahha I think you nailed this prompt perfectly..

  4. Haha! So funny! Birth control pill failure at this point in time in my life would be a little scary. Not ready for another yet!

    Octomom and Kate Gosselin in the same neighborhood? Crazy! You just know they'd come knocking after just a week asking for you to watch their kids "just for a second, k?"

  5. The second one is funny...pass me some ear plugs please. The last one is terrifying the headache reality of it! :>

  6. These are all perfect. I love a little comedy in my scary.

  7. that last one? Hit home. Guess how baby #2 showed up? ;)

  8. Hahahahah! I like the funny take, especially the one about birth control effectiveness. :-) Good stuff!

  9. OMG, I die at the Gosselin/Octomom shout out.

    I love that you went for scary-funny!

  10. Of all of them, I think the Pineview HOA scared me the most!

  11. Which came first? chicken or the egg


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