October 01, 2011

Saturday Centus - 10/01/11 Rules are Meant to be Broken

I did NOT follow the rules...again. Time to build a bridge and get over it, Jenny Matlock! Once I saw your prompt (appearing below, in bold text), I knew I would write a poem - and you can't expect me to stop waxing poetic just because I reach your arbitrary limit of 100 words, can you?

I know you'll eventually see it my way!

NOTE: This is firmly tongue-in-cheek - I do not endorse nor condone the behavior contained herein.

Greeting Card Apology: Exhibit A for the Prosecution


"The number you have reached is no longer in service"
When I think that you’ve moved, it makes me quite nervous

I hate the message I hear when I give you a call
I’m sorry I pushed you – how’d I know that you’d fall?

Not being able to contact you is driving me mad
Once the bruises all heal, you won’t look so bad

I love you, I need you, you are my soul mate
I’ll sit by your car on the nights you work late

The domestic abuse charge won’t hold up in court
I’ll tell them you’re bitchy, and your temper is short

The judge was all wrong when he said that I stalked
If only he knew how I feel when we talk

The EPO that you filed sits at at home on my bed
I’ll love you to death, I’ll bash in your head



  1. Whoa...hold the phone...that is dark and scary yet oh so brilliant...Standing ovation !!!

  2. that was scary... its sad that this happens all too often

  3. Holy shoes!! Wow I think you summed up abuse in this one poem. If an abuser ca'tn see himself in these words then he is blind.
    Excellent job !~Ames

  4. dark and scary and severe mental instability...

  5. June, what's come over you? I agree with Nonna. This is chilling and brilliant. I'm glad I'm not reading this at night. I'm getting scared.
    Excellent job.

  6. Yes, it may be dark and chilling, but these days, it's just a fact of life for some women. Brilliantly done! Brava!!

  7. Ouch! Great take on this prompt, and also a great reminder to those of us who have lived charmed lives that there are those out there in dire need of a safe place to land.


  8. Oh my goodness, excellent story, even if you did or do like to break the rules..it works....although a bit on the for sure freak kind of view.....I feel like hearing the phrase...lions and tigers and bears and ...oh my! Great centus thanks!!!!

  9. Yikes. Having worked with domestic violence cases, this one rang a little too true for me!

    Well done and chilling.


  10. Oh My Gosh! That was soooo creepy. Gave me chills. It amazes me the different subject matter people come up with when given the same prompt. This one was a real surprise. (Glad you posted that this is not about you! I might have had to avoid your blog in the future!) Good job! laurie @ Battling My Inner Critic

  11. Love the "build a bridge and get over it." I've got to remember that for future use. I will credit you, of course,

    And wow … well done. Scary as hell but impressive.

  12. Yikes. That was soooo good. and so true.

    I have to also say, I loved your letter to Jenny. lol

  13. I don't endorse this either - but I hope she has a baseball bat handy.

  14. Gosh. You absolutely nailed this.


    It made me shiver.

    It took me back.

    It made me mad.

    It made me slightly sick.

    GREAT, GREAT, GREAT writing.

    If it's based on truth, I'm glad you escaped.

    If it's not...I'm still glad you escaped!


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