October 15, 2011

Saturday Centus - 10/15/11 Jenny Gets All Highfalutin On Us And Stuff

Jenny Matlock outdid herself this week. Instead of the usual prompt, we get a photo and are tasked with using Sensory Details as our literary device.

The last literary device I used was my laptop.

I think I'm in trouble here.

Tuesday afternoon, we canoed down the Caney Fork River. The mosquitoes buzzed ‘round our heads as we kept up a pretty good pace. The water was clear, the sun reflecting off the surface, our paddles making plunking sounds at the beginning of each stroke. The sun burned our hatless heads, rivulets of sweat soaking our shirt collars.

Ed spied a cabin not far from the bank, so we paddled ashore to check it out. Waiting for Ed, I guzzled down a pint of cold, yeasty beer. Ahh, deliverance.

Ed, terrified, raced back to the canoe. “Paddle fast! I hear banjoes!”


  1. This is great. Simply a perfect response to the prompt.


  2. OH NO, Deliverance, ha, ha, ha!! Too funny. You really got me with that one. Good job.

  3. LOL Too funny.. having seen most of that movie.. this is funny!

  4. Why if I'm not mistaken I think I hear your banjoes myself! Very cool....as far as devices I guess I used my desk computer! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I love the details (rivulets of sweat, paddles plunking...). Plus, this was very fun. You did it all with this one, June. Great post.

  6. One of my favorite books, Deliverance! Run, Kim, Run!!!!

  7. We actually stayed in the area where they filmed Deliverance. We couldn't figure out why everyone had on these T-shirts that said "You Sho gotta a pretty mouth" on them until we got back home and did some research on the internet. This was a good one. I'd paddle fast too if I were you! :)~Ames

  8. This made me snicker...but then I wondered, did he REALLY hear banjos???

  9. hahahaha. this totally made me laugh. and want a beer, and I don't like the taste of beer. good job.

  10. Kim! I'm still laughing over the "high falutin'"

    This was fabulous!

    A really wonderful and creative use of this very difficult 'device'.

    You're wonderful.


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