October 22, 2011

Saturday Centus - 10/22/11 Tongue-in-Cheek Poetry

Jenny Matlock! What's wrong with you this week? No curve balls, no surprises - just a prompt, 100 word limit response. You've gone soft on us.

As usual, the prompt appears below, in bold text.

Matlock's Revenge

"I planted a little story seed"
That scoundrel Jenny Matlock said
Now if I don’t get something written down,
I’ll never get to bed
The plot does swirl, the words do spin
Oh, Jenny! What an awful fix I’m in!
My brain is churning just like my gut
The rule says “PG”, my brain says “smut!”
I write sick stories, but I can’t tell ‘em
Limbic system fighting with cerebellum
Maybe I should just up and call it quits
A one-hundred word limit is simply the pits
Yet I persist in putting words to page
A frustrating endeavor for someone my age
Jenny, you're a meanie!


  1. Kim, this is great! You really rocked with this prompt!!!

  2. haha. I loved your version of the prompt!

  3. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor...that was really funny! So happy you pulled it through with such beauty and wonder and greatness! Thanks!

  4. How cute and fun!
    I really enjoyed the read!

  5. Loved your "tongue and cheek" words. Really quite clever centus this week, ha, ha!!

  6. bwhahahah I KNEW you had smut deep down .. yeah my mind went there too.. How scared does that make ya ..

  7. OMGosh Kim, that was excellent ! I was chuckling while reading and thinking how clever you are at writing such perfect prose !!!

  8. The rule says “PG”, my brain says “smut!”
    I write sick stories, but I can’t tell ‘em
    Limbic system fighting with cerebellum <--These are my favorite lines and I can relate!

    I LOVE this, June. I laughed out loud at the final line. Great, entertaining piece.


  9. love the "smut" ... this was a wonderfully funny read, a true lol!

  10. This is great! You took the words right out of my mouth! I love your sense of humor!

  11. I see that you had no trouble with this at all. Although I too have things get stuck in my mind and sometimes feel the are too rated "R" to write and post. You gotta be yourself. It is after all your blog!~Ames

  12. Kim, I am laughing out loud and today I truly and completely needed it!

    I'm actually glad I'm behind so I could read this post today!

    Thanks for the smile!

    You are a gem!


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