October 11, 2011

This Whole WordPress/No June Freaking Cleaver Idea...Episode One

I got primarily positive comments about moving my blog to WordPress - nobody really mentioned the whole 'goodbye to June Freaking Cleaver' thing, except Tammy.

Tammy is the gorgeous youngest stepchild - the one who insists I call her gorgeous.

She's going to miss June Freaking Cleaver. She's afraid the new blog won't be funny, and will be too serious.

I almost hate to break it to her - June Freaking Cleaver didn't write these posts, I did.

June Freaking Cleaver isn't real, Tammy. I just thought you should know that.

(Cue the tinkling of glass as another illusion shatters.)

And Tammy's also not thrilled with the new blog title - Flirting with Normal - and here I was, feeling all clever about it.

I Googled it, and it didn't show up anywhere. I also searched on Amazon, and there isn't a book with that name on the site.

I thought the title was kind of hopeful - Tammy saw it as negative. She didn't like the word 'Flirting' - I told her we'll never arrive at Normal, but we're attracted to it, and want to make a good impression.

I bat my eyelashes at Normal every chance I get, but Normal is fickle, and hasn't returned my calls.

Normal is hot. Normal is popular, all the cool kids want to sidle up to Normal. They want Normal to hit them up. If Normal were an adolescent male, he'd be wearing Axe body spray. 

Even The Boy wants him some Axe body spray.

Yet according to Tammy, normal sounds negative.

Normal? Negative? Like Ratio of Failures is the epitome of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns...

On Sunday, I attempted to import my content, and got an error. Aargh. I looked in the Forums, and read something about the Happiness Engineers doing some work this weekend, and perhaps importing was unavailable.

Cute that they're called Happiness Engineers. Makes me imagine them as maniacally grinning cubicle monkeys.

Tried importing again Monday evening, same result. So, out of frustration, I went to Twitter, and stated my difficulty, and added the #wordpress hashtag.

Then this appeared:

@JuneFCleaver Email me, I'll try to help you out. otto@wordpress.org

Otto, whose real name ISN'T Otto. A real live person, from Memphis, TN (or at least that's what Twitter said).

I emailed Otto/not Otto the details on the message I was receiving, and he RESPONDED.

Wow! An actual email conversation between two imaginary people.

He asked for URLs for this blog and the the new one. He said that if it's a WordPress.com blog, he'd have to talk to the Automattic people (whoever they may be).

And get this. He apologized for his "terseness and typos" - he knows the word TERSENESS.

Be still my heart. I think we may have an actual native English speaker here!

Forget the part about the whole Normal and Axe body spray thing - I may just change the name of the blog to 'Flirting with Otto'.

I paid $25 for the privilege of a WordPress.com address (including $8 to have my personal information kept private).

So I guess I wait for a WordPress Happiness Engineer, or Automattic, or whomever, to tell me what my next step is.

Please let it be Otto/who is not Otto.

So until I hear from someone from WordPress, I wait.

I still have so much to learn about widgets and themes and all sorts of WordPress magic, but I'm hesitant to continue until I know for sure that my content will migrate to its new home.

I picked a free theme (because The Mister is cheap), but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it. I'm kinda miffed that the tagline is in all caps.

Messed around with a banner photo. Of course, it has pansies. I'm dumping June Freaking Cleaver, but I'm not ready to dump the silly flowers...yet.

And I sure hope that in writing as Kim, I can still provide similarly goofy content as I did as June Freaking Cleaver.

I'm moderately hopeful desperate that all some of you wonderfully loyal readers and commenters will migrate, too, and we can continue our conversation.

If you're still reading, you know this is true.

And I'm crazier than June, any day.

Stay tuned...perhaps if any of you are considering a similar move, I can let you know what I've learned, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Let me be your guinea pig just an email away from Otto. Or Simon. Or whichever WordPress employee wants to contact me. I'm getting older waiting here.


  1. You're leavomg Blogger :-(? Why oh why? I so look forward to reading your posts and now I wo't be able to. sigh sigh sadness...

  2. I like Flirting with Normal, personally. And this whole post cracked me up. Tell Otto/not Otto I said hello. He doesn't know me any more than I know him, but it seems like the thing to do.

  3. I know you will be fantastic now matter what name you use. I will be here. I love Tell Otto/Not Otto. so freaking funny

  4. I'll follow you anywhere … and Otto too. I don't think you were talking to someone in India with the "terseness" usage! I can't wait to see your new blog!


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