October 10, 2011

Three Years Under Our Ever-Expanding Belts

Today is our wedding anniversary. The Mister and I have tolerated each other for three years now.

We've gotten fatter. Fat, dumb and happy, they say.

Yesterday, we went out to lunch to celebrate - and left The Boy at home.

Scary, that.

During our absence, he ate an entire pizza and drank most of a 2-liter bottle of Coke Zero.

He's gotten fatter, too.

Good thing we didn't go out for a seven-course dinner - or we might have returned to an empty refrigerator.

Today, The Mister left for his job, and won't be back until Thursday evening...so we'll be spending this anniversary apart.

I think this working out of town thing may be why we've made it to three years.

We can test this theory at the end of the month, when his contract ends - and we'll be home together ALL THE TIME.

Pray for us.

Picture from that fateful day


  1. Happy anniversary and yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

    I mailed your book on Saturday.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Celebrate with some Bailey's and chocolate! :-)

  3. Happy Anniversary. And you never know, maybe he will find another out of town contract. What? it could happen.

  4. Happy Anniversary! And the best part of being apart on the big day … no need to anniversary sex! Woo hoo!! : )

  5. Congratulations! Yes, sometimes those out of town gigs make you last longer, and be stronger....then when they return you ponder for a moment why they're getting on your nerves so much...oh yeah...cuz they're home. LOL. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Wait until he retires! Keep all the sharp knives hidden.


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