November 10, 2011

Book Blurb Friday - 11/11/11

Lisa Ricard Claro (who's still Writing in the Buff) provides the forum; Kathy Matthews at Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy provides today's pictorial inspiration.

Let the blurb begin!

The Haunting of Matthews Creek
One Woman's Quest to Uncover the Secret of America's 'Bermuda Triangle'
by Irma Mae Showalter

In Intrepid, Idaho, many settlers met their demise along the Oregon Trail; the landscape was littered with overturned wagons and the remnants of clothing and cooking. Travelers viewed the worldly possessions that remained for pioneers who succumbed during their trek. Hope chests that once held linens and the diaries of hopeful new brides provided stark evidence of dreams, and lives, lost.

But not one body was ever found in all that wreckage. No carcasses bleached by the sun and picked over by carrion; the ground undisturbed by the digging of graves. The pioneers simply vanished into the Idaho countryside.

This eerie tableau of death has been undisturbed since the early 1900s.

Until Irma Mae Showalter, amateur sleuth and historian arrives on the scene, that is. Using her astute powers of observation and armed with a Magic 8 Ball, learn how Irma solves the riddle of the haunting of Matthews Creek.


  1. I'd buy it just for Irma Mae wandering around armed with her Magic 8 Ball. But also love that "Burmuda Triangle" twist!

  2. The Bermuda Triangle angle is genius!

  3. I should have known I'd end up laughing. You had me drawn into the drama, and then the Magic 8 Ball was the perfect twist. Thanks for the surprise laugh! I'd buy this book.

  4. OMG, Kim, you crack me up, beginning with the name of the creek, lol!

    Your story is really awesome though, and I would love to read it. You have everything that I love incorporated ... pioneers, possible paranormal activity, my last name and many cool possibilities.

    I think that you should write it.



  5. Kim--This was brilliant. I can't do BBF because I too am way behind on NaNoWriMo. (If at the end of the month we've not reached 50,000 we can sing a duet of "No No NaNo."


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