November 29, 2011

If You Grew Up in Western Pennsylvania, Family Life Sounded Like This

Western Pennsylvanians have their own dialect called 'Pittsburghese'.

I posted before how I unlearned my Pittsburghese in favor of English (people used to laugh at me in other parts of this great land).

During the holiday season, I find I may wax nostalgic for home.

Thanks to YouTube, now I can sit in MO and get a slice o' Pittsburgh:

Meet Pittsburgh Dad:

There's something about basement pop that causes Dad to mean business:

Nothing like a Pittsburgh family Thanksgiving:

Now I think I'll redd up da haus and have me a snicksnak and an arn. It's cole tonight, it's a good night to stay in. If it freezes, da roads may git slippy.

Translation to normal English: 
Now I think I'll clean the house and have me a snack and an Iron City beer. It's cold tonight, it's a good night to stay in. If it freezes, the roads may get slippery.

Do you have a dialect from your neck o' the woods? Care to share?


  1. And I thought my friends from Boston spoke funny. You are funny.

  2. that was funny. My dad always says

    carn instead of corn
    and he is always ranting about how you are supposed to sayd buTTer, not budder

  3. When we were younger, even though from here (St. Louis, MO), we'd always say, "I waint to the store" (pronounced, wah-ant) instead of "I went to the store." Not sure where it came from. My dad would wash his hands in the zink (sink).


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