November 21, 2011

Just Call Me a Sicko Psychic!

WARNING: Adult themes and language ahead. Consider yourselves warned!

I have very vivid dreams - many times, they are far more interesting than my actual life. You'd think I'd sleep more, so I could live vicariously through them - and get some much-needed rest.

Then again, maybe not.

One night last week, I had a bizarre dream about a convention at a St. Louis-area hotel for adults who like to live an "alternative lifestyle". By 'alternative lifestyle', I mean folks who are into some kinky shit.

In my dream, I attended the convention and saw all manner of depravity. Stuff I'd never even, well, dreamed about.

I even used some of these ideas from my dream in my NaNoWriMo book (still far behind on word count, BTW). Suffice it to say, my story has taken a decidedly non-mainstream path. Who knew that Charles was such a naughty man? He's not even my protagonist...previously just the straight-laced (or so I thought) brother of my lead character.

Where the hell did I get these ideas from?

Imagine my surprise when I saw this news story online yesterday.

Happy Spanksgiving! Yep, you can get your freak on in a nearby city.

Further research led me to several sites that were not for the faint of heart - nor for the sweet and innocent.

Did you know that you can attend Beat Me in St. Louis in the springtime? Visit vendors who will supply you with all manner of sex toys used in BDSM and other fetish-related play?

(The link is for the 2011 event - already passed - and SOLD OUT).

I shudder to think the type of people who will be drawn to my blog when Googling BDSM.

How did my only minimally-freakish brain dream this up? Was I being psychic?

Or did I participate in these activities in a previous life? 

I was shocked by some of the activities that were on the convention schedule. I won't mention them here - click here if you are curious.

Note that the schedule contains numerous breaks - I guess that's so the participants can practice what they learned.

Can you say, "EWWWW"?

Now I must go scrub my brain to remove these images...right after I finish my book.


  1. I don't know which is worse, your dream or the real thing. You must have been channeling kink.

    I dreamed about a baby boy in a crib with too wide slats. I woke during the night in my dream to change his wet diaper, and move him to a new crib. I said, "Say, ma-ma, da-da." He repeated and then he said, "Na-Na". I hope this was not a prophetic dream!

  2. OH I know how twisted some of that can get. Will it help you to know that many of those are NOT the norm for everyone. When you bite me or beat me to leave marks long after we are done, I am gonna beat your ass harder.. I dont' mine a nibble or a playful spank but yeah some can get OUT there. The electrical play one, um yeah not from this girl I hate getting shocked so why in the hell would I want it done to me in the bedroom??

  3. Okay, I'm afraid to even click on your links after reading your post. Keep at NaNo!

  4. Oy! I wonder if you heard about it on the radio or something, not paying attention, but your subconscious picked it up. That's some kinky stuff. I'm always amazed by what's really out there.

  5. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one out there that has a sick dreamland mind. You are just braver about it than me putting it on your blog.

  6. Wow … your novel is shaping up to be quite interesting!!!


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