November 02, 2011

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

The prompt I chose this week: 

Write a post in just eight lines. (inspired by Mommy Nani Boo Boo)

A Typical Wednesday Conversation between Myself and The Mister When He's Out of Town
Me:"Hello, what's new?"
Him: "Hello yourself, nothing's new here. What's new with you?"
Me: "Nothing." 
Me: "The Boy had a (fill-in-the-blank) day."
Him: Mumbled comment.
Him: "Are you done? I have to pee. Love you, see you tomorrow. Bye!"
Me: "I'm done, too. Love you too. See you tomorrow! Have fun! Bye!" 


  1. Ah, a man of many words! Cute!

    stopping by from mama kat's

  2. You get to a point in life. That's why you need women friends.

  3. Have you been eavesdropping on my convos with hubs? I enjoyed that - I did the 8 lines too!

  4. There's something to be said for feeling completely comfortable with someone! :)

    Not sure how to find you on NaNo, but if you find me I'll buddy up with you!

  5. Isn't it funny how you can just truly not have anything to say but you still need to hear their voice?
    Great post!

  6. 8 lines to pretty much sum up 95% of married conversations in America!

  7. That's kinda how I am on the phone. I just want the info and then I'm pretty much done. Drives my husband nuts! In person I can't shut up, but on the phone--especially with the hubs I don't waste time.

  8. This is so similar to our lunch time phone calls. My husband calls me every day at lunch time just to touch base, let me know he's thinking about me. Sometimes we'll have something substantial to share but not usually.

    Stopping by from writers workshop:


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