November 27, 2011

The Opinion Not Given

Yesterday, I wrote about my pre-haircut anxiety.

And Josh at Kink Salon was a good guy. Not the least bit scary. 

But he did tell me about a phone call he got about whether he offered alternative lifestyle hair services.

See, I'm not the only one who thought the name Kink sounded, well, kinky. 

And no, he won't do a shave with a straight razor, no matter how much the customer asks.

And he isn't into doing a cut on a submissive who's dominant has forced them to come in for a haircut.

And no, he doesn't have "themed" capes - was the caller looking for leather or vinyl, or something like a straitjacket? Nice and snug and restraining?

Then I told him about Spanksgiving - I bet they Googled it after I left.

Anyway, Josh did his magic on my hair.

The deed has been done; the locks have been shorn (thank God).

I hated my hair...but not today.

The Mister likes me with long hair. I think he would be happiest if I never cut it. Maybe it goes back to some cave man primitive brain thing. How can he drag me back to the cave without my hair?

Actually, he prefers all women to have long hair. He believes the verse in the Bible about long hair being a woman's glory.

He thinks women with short hair want to look like men.

I just prefer not to look like a tired old mop with eyeglasses. I did not feel glorious; I felt I looked old and haggard and hag-like. Witchy, even. 

When I returned from my appointment, The Boy said, "You look good!" - without prompting from me.

When I told The Mister I was getting my hair cut, he asked me not to ask him how it looked.

I can only assume he didn't not want to give me negative comments.

His silence speaks volumes.

Here's the before:

Always in a ponytail. All that real estate on my high forehead (I considered renting it out for advertising space). Boring. Yucky. Ick - although Baby Russ, just a few hours old, was looking mighty fetching!

So after caramel-colored highlights and a cut with bangs, here's the new do:

I know it's just hair, but I feel more alive somehow. Who knows, maybe one morning I'll go hog wild and put on makeup.

Vanity, thy name is Kim.


  1. Oh Kim, I like your new do. You look younger! My bangs and the top of my hair grow insanely fast, and my hair looks like a heavy bush. So I either live with it and be miserable, or I have to get it cut every three weeks. And yes, hair affects your mood. I know you are happy.

  2. I'm so glad it wasn't a scary place! LOL

    And you look mahhhhvelous, my dear! I just may have to try there for my next "do!"

  3. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. I like

    Also, my husband likes long hair too, but you know, I just told him it was my head and I was going to do with it what I wanted to. yeah, cuz I'm brazen like that. :) hahahaha

  4. Nice new look! I'm sure you feel a lot better too! Good for you. I don't think men get the whole hair thing.

  5. I like it!!! Very flattering! And what counts most of all is that you feel good about it.

    I've always wanted long hair and the one year I did have it, it was a horror show.

    That is a crazy name for a salon.


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