November 16, 2011

When Kim's Away, The Brain Will Play

dear readers,

Kim is busy writing, or thinking about writing. nanowrimo is kicking kim's ass.

in addition to this impossible "write a novel in a month" delusion she's under, she's also working on some short stories for contests and/or anthologies.

i really wish she'd let me sleep more. 

she wants me to tell you that she misses you all very much (and is bummed that she lost a follower during her spotty posting).

she promises that things will get back to her version of normal in a few weeks, and she'll visit your blogs and leave lots of comments.

who knows? maybe she'll even get time to tweak and launch her blog on wordpress.

she wishes that she could invite you all over for a nice beverage and a slice of cake...but she doesn't have enough chairs for that - would you mind sitting on the floor? - and bring your own plate and glass and fork? (that note's from the dishwasher)

don't tell her i posted this. if you've been reading kim's blog for awhile, you know that I rarely do what i'm told.

stay sweet.

Kim’s brain

p.s. One more thing - if you were me, where would you hide a camera? it was here somewhere, kim and i have looked high and's gone.


  1. The Boy isprobably photographing male left hands for you :)

  2. hmmm camera look in the bathroom or a coat closet or possibly the pocket of a coat. I will be here waiting when she gets back.

  3. Thanks, Kim's Brain for keeping us posted! I'm so proud of her and I'll be here, too, when she comes back to blogging. Go Kim!

  4. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Kim's Brain. Did you check in the car for the camera? What is the last photo you remember taking? Work back from there. I'm totally up for cake.

  5. Your camera? It's right over, not there. Over there, under that , that, thing!

  6. check the boy's room for the camera. Or it could be wherever my son lost his glasses. hmmmm


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