November 22, 2011

Who Needs Therapy When Twitter is Available?

Last night, the hash tag #youmightbeanautismparentif provided me (and many other parents) with an opportunity to vent and rejoice in the lives that we lead with an autistic child.

Here are some of the tweets (out of hundreds):

 Mary Williamson 
 your marriage is suffering and its not because either of you cheated.

 Chris R 
 You decorated your cap with the  ribbon when you graduated from college.

 Mary Williamson 

 if you are crying while reading all the responses to this hashtag topic
 Chris R 

 your son can't read any of your facial cues, but he loses his mind every time spongebob cries. 
 Mary Williamson 

 feeding your child bacon all the time seems like a good thing to do.
 Mary Williamson 

 you have thought about how alone you feel most of the time
 Mary Williamson 

 your alcohol consumption has gone up and # of songs on your personal music player has too :-/


 You find out your struggling child answers the question 'Who is a person you trust?' with 'My mom', you cry. :-)
 uber groovy bike 

 you've been told 'your child will never...' and you think 'oh yes he will', and he does..with flying colors.
 Yuana Kelly 

 at 1st u thought it was cute when ur kid lined up her toys so neatly n said 2urself wow,my kid's so organised!

 you haven't made a will bc you can't find anyone who would be brave enough to take on what you've got.

 You reassure your daughter that you'll help as her son (my grandson) was just diagnosed...and you cry later.
 Kimberly Kaplan 

 you're so used to an IEP that you start to talk to "newbies" about your "expertise."

 You have used the word 'amygdala' in conversation.


 If you have walked through the Stages of Grief a few times about the loss of having a 'typical' family.


 You are a warrior for your child, and will call in the big guns if the school doesn't do what is right.

 If you have learned more about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act than you ever thought possible.

 you'd re-mortgage your house to buy out a toy store in the hopes that your child might play with ONE of them.

 You cringe when someone says that 'so and so' has  & you can't even tell, so your kid will be fine! Wtf?

 Yuana Kelly 

 you blog about your child, the challenge and achievements.

 You read these tweets and keep saying "Yes!"


 you fear natural weather disasters or war because you can't imagine not being able to find gluten-free pretzels

Great support."The only support group you attend regularly is the  hashtag on Twitter."
 helen hamill 

 you wouldn't change your child for the world- but want often to change the World for your child !
Retweeted 100+ times

 Jacqi Almond 

 you've been potty training for more than half your child's life

 you have to live forever. No, I'm serious. This isn't optional.

 you have learned to love your child for who they are, rather who they should be. Best lesson ever!
 Rhiannon Fieri 

 you've given up worrying about what your child might say in public
 Steve Cole 

 you start learning things about your computer from your 7 year old child
 Rhiannon Fieri 

 99% of what's posted here makes perfect sense to you, even if you can't relate to it...yet.

 your child is always on your mind: day and night & present and future


 you are the only one smiling at a mom whose son is screaming at the top of his lungs in a dept store.

 you once considered your family well off, but now stress about money all the time.  is expensive...

 Dave Dreeszen 

 you have to tell your high schooler wearing an orange shirt w red pants might not be the best combination
 Jeff McLaughlin 

 the Christmas Nativity scene on the mantle includes dozens of animals facing the same direction.

 you received a diagnosis of Aspergers after your children were diagnosed with .

 Sunday Stilwell 

 The only support group you attend regularly is the  hashtag on Twitter.

 you've read MOM-NOS' Toast to Inclusion:  Best description of  I've ever read.

 you are completely oblivious to the sounds your child is repeating but everyone else around you is going nuts.

 You can correctly identify every known type of dinosaur.
 The Slacker Mom 

 you appreciate your parents and their support more than you ever could imagine.
 It is what It is! 

 YouTube on a computer is more important than a Television Set
 The Slacker Mom 

 you get excited when you see this hashtag because OMG these are MY people!
 Amy D 

 you always talk like you are in a social story....."And that's ok"
 Shannon Sullivan 

 you are relieved when you kid doesn't know when they've been excluded and sad at the same time.
 Jo Ashline 

 You have more compassion, patience, love, tolerance, hope, resilience & stamina than u ever thought possible
 Mojo Mama - Kayla 

 you feel extravagant on a day you put your hair up in something other than a messy bun and put on mascara.

 You've had to explain to ignorant people that  is not contagious. (true story)

 you've read enough books on that you could practically be a doctor yourself
 Anne Barbano 

 you are always watching to see where your kid is...
 You grieved for the child you thought you would have, but rejoiced with the one God wanted you to have.
 Your child goes through stacks of paper drawing and draws the tiniest details that most people would miss.
 Jodie Collins 

 the answer to "What would you like for dinner" is "Something round"

 your 3 year old can count to 50 but can't answer "how are you?"
 Jeanette Rivas 

 you have been on and off every med, tried biomedical, neurofeedback, positive behavior support etc..

 Your twitter friends understand you and your child better than your local friends and family.
 ♪ ♫ CyMbaLine ♫ ♪ 

 you know what day of the week it is by the professional you have an appointment with
 Elise Ronan 

 you are happy when your child gets in age appropriate trouble

It's a good feeling that although we struggle, there are other parents out there who know what it's like, as they struggle, too.

If the statistics are correct, there will be more and more parents (and children) who will have some of these same challenges - and successes.

It sure would be nice if everyone gave them a little slack in the judgment department...part of the whole 'walk a mile in my moccasins' thing.

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