December 24, 2011

Do You Live in Spoiledtown During the Holidays?

Courtesy of pmecologic, Creative Commons

A Spoiledtown Christmas
Christmas break’s no more, ‘tis Winter break
Their school is so PC
The kids rush home, and soon they moan,
“I’m bored! Nothing good’s on TV!”

The children wait for old St. Nick
To bring them loads of swag
“No clothes! No books! No stupid junk!”
The rotten children nag.

The tree is lit, the gifts are wrapped
The pile covers half the floor
Heard ‘round the town, on Christmas morn
“Is that all there is? I want MORE!”

“My iPhone’s broken!”, “This Xbox won’t work!”
Decorations have lost their sheen
Parents in debt, they have no cash
“No movie? Oh mom, you’re so mean!”

The needles drop upon the rug,
The Christmas tree has died
“We are so sad, no fun we’ve had”
The whining children cried.

A happy New Year in Spoiledtown
The parents grin with glee
The kids get dressed, and leave the house
In school from nine ‘til three!


  1. That's the way it is anymore, kids and their sense of entitlement! I was happy to get a coloring book and new crayons when I was a a kid.

    Credit cards,... the ruination of the nation.

  2. Love it and it is sadly so true!

  3. Uh oh … I guess I better relocate BB!


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