December 07, 2011

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - Point/Counterpoint: Snow

I'm honored to make Mama Kat's short list of favorites from last week. Thanks, Mama Kat! Please check out all the great responses to the writing prompts.

The Writer's Workshop prompt I chose this week: 

Write a poem about a snow memory.

Disobedient to the core, I've written two poems which help to illustrate my love/hate relationship with the fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky.

Quiet During the Storm
Miniscule flakes, softly falling
Everything they touch turned white as cotton.
I stand outside, chilled, my hair damp from the glistening crystals
Marveling at the silence.
Sounds muffled, cars parked
Families ensconced in their domiciles, safe.

The silence is broken only by the approach of the plow truck,
That single reminder of the busyness of modern life.
Children's dreams filled with hope of the snow day that will greet them when they wake,
Parents gaze at the news reports, anxious about commutes and childcare.
Time seems to slow, anticipation building
While the world is bundled in Winter's blanket.

My reverie is disturbed by the ringing of the phone,
Alerting me that there will be no school tomorrow.
Sighing, I rise from my chair to search for the solace of hot chocolate and silence. 

WTF, Old Man Winter?
Sure, it looks pretty, the first inch or two
Driving in the white stuff will make a man of you
You'll be cursing like a sailor, and praying like a nun
While cars and buses slide down hills - and uphill, tires have spun

The sidewalk still needs cleaning
The driveway is all white
My lips are chapped, my back aches bad
I'll be shoveling here all night

When I finally reach the mailbox
And my shovel hits the street
I start to grin, I think "I win!"
"Hey Mom, the weatherman says two FEET!"

A blizzard is upon us,
we have no need to fear
We're warm inside, we have TV
The fridge is stocked with beer

The shoveling marathon continues
My boots will never dry
When the temperature drops, and ice pellets plop
I shake my fist and cry

The branches, they all glitter
As ice falls from the sky
Transformers pop as limbs fall down
Dark and cold, we just might die

Another week of snow days
Where the kids can drive me nuts
We're cold and hungry, we're on edge
I want to kick their little butts

Snowplow's scrapings have blocked our driveway
Snow wall is six feet high
We live with mud, we deal with slush
Parking lot piles stay 'til July

I should have moved to Texas
I should have moved where it is warm
Four seasons have their beauty
But this shit's lost its charm

"Hey Mother Nature, kiss my ass
And Old Man Winter, too!
I think six months of winter sucks!
I'm moving south - eff YOU!"


  1. Those. Are. Great.

    Having been trapped at home about this time last year in "Snowmageddeon 2010" for a week with the kids...I can so relate with the second poem. I tried to put my head in the oven, but it was, well...I guess it worked out for the best.

    Nice job!

  2. Loved both of your poems but especially the second. Sooo cute and true!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  3. bwhahahahah both are great but the second one cracked me up.. been there done that

  4. What's 4 seasons? Isn't that a hotel? :) We've had the great experience of all 4 for the past few years it seems, we even had snow on Christmas day, IN GEORGIA, WHAT!?!?! Love the poems!

  5. I literally burst out laughing at the second poem. I'm in DC so super duper mega snows aren't that common (though they happen once in a while like Snowmageddon). The parking lot piles KILL ME! Every friggin' year they're there until winter's long gone, all black and hard.

  6. I used to wait to hear if school was closed. As a teacher I loved snow days!

  7. I bet you get a tad more snow in MO than I do in north eastern KY -- We'll be shaking our fists at it soon! Fun poems -- thanks!

  8. The title of the second poem had me in giggles!!!! Love it!

  9. Hey girl, send these off. That first one is a lovely poem with great imagery. The second one is up in your face and oh so true. Last winter seemed never-ending.

  10. Those of us in The Deep South can't really appreciate snow. We just go nuts when we have a few flakes. I loved both poems. Well structured and very visual.



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