January 05, 2012

Book Blurb Friday - 01/06/12

Time for Book Blurb Friday! Today's inspiration is courtesy of Tammy Goodsell. Visit Lisa Ricard Claro at Writing in the Buff for the rules and take a gander at all of the great submissions.

Fields of White
by Hoyt Guignard

Rookie EMT Sarah Teasdale was Sumter’s newest, and most eager, city employee. For her first call, she was dispatched to the Macomber homestead after a hang up call to 911. The house, a lovely Greek Revival on the better side of town, sat silent, the front door ajar. Miss Macomber had been Sarah’s third grade teacher – from now on, Sarah would remember her as her first homicide victim.

After Miss Macomber retired from teaching, she became a recluse. Her well-manicured lawn was rarely walked on by anyone but the landscapers hired to tend the yard and rose gardens. Though her sidewalk hadn’t been shoveled, Sarah’s were the only footprints leading to or from the house.

Who killed Henrietta Macomber? How did they escape without leaving any tracks in the snow? Sheriff Cecil Fields, privy to the secrets of this small Southern town, was determined to find out.


  1. This promises both a mystery and a glimpse of small town ife in the south. I'm already standing in the checkout line.

  2. Yes indeed - such a well-written blurb promises a well-written and intriguing tale. Add me to the list.

  3. That sounds very interesting!


  4. Wonderful. The deed must have been done before the snow fell, or else the doer was beyond human. Most mysterious. I'd have to buy the book!

  5. The untouched snow is a titillating.....touch! Please make the body still warm to increase the mystery!

  6. Lots of unanswered questions, making this a great blurb! I like the idea of the rookie being involved in the investigation and her personal connection to the victim. Nice hooks!

  7. Now I challenge you to write this and come up with a plausible explanation!!

  8. Love the creepy little twists you've woven into this. Sounds like an irresistible read.

  9. I'm always on the look for a good read. Thanks! This school year I'm in a competition, of sorts, with myself. Trying to see how many books I can read for enjoyment, wedged in between all the papers and other hoo-haw!


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