January 04, 2012

Remember the Time I Visited a Psychic? Let's Check the Scoreboard, Shall We?

Back in August, 2010, I attended my very first psychic reading. I've never really sat down and figured out how right or how wrong Reba was when she was flipping over those Tarot cards.

She did better than I imagined:

If Reba indicated a number for an event to occur (two [2], for example), that meant that it would occur in either two days, two weeks or two months.

Here's what Reba said:

  • I will get a job - and the number 8 (see what the number means, above, in bold). 
FAIL/WIN. Eight months from August would have been April of 2011. I did start a short freelance job in July of 2011 (and am now doing a year-long project for the same person). So even though she got the month wrong, I did get a job.
  • The Mister will get a job - number 6. 
WIN. The Mister started his contract job about six weeks after my visit. It was supposed to last three months. He's still doing the job; it's due to end February 29, 2012.

  • The name Terry will be important to me - number 5 (I have a brother and a nephew both named Terry).
WIN, I guess. I still have a brother and nephew named Terry.
  • We will buy furniture for a room.  
FAILURE. We did not purchase any furniture.
  • The Mister and I are healthy...gee, guess I had no reason to worry about not having health insurance after all.
WIN. We're still relatively healthy.
  • I will attend one wedding in the next year. 
FAILURE. No wedding invitations came for us.
  • A friend will get divorced in the next year. 
WIN, if you can call a divorce a win. And in the case of our friend, yes, it was a big win.
  • I will get a different ring on my finger in the next year. I'm thinkin', of course, the engagement ring I never got, but that isn't happening without the jobs. 
WIN, sort of. When my mother's house was sold, the new homeowner found a ring that my first husband and I bought her for Christmas decades ago. At my mother's funeral, a friend of the homeowner (and a former co-worker of my mom) brought the ring to the funeral home. I had the funeral director place it on my mom's finger.
  • We will take a car trip next year - I'm campaigning for Raleigh, NC and the Orlando, FL areas, to see my daughters and families.
WIN. We drove to PA to attend my mother's funeral. Not exactly the trip I had hoped for, but it was indeed a car trip.
  • Someone in the family is having a baby...AND IT'S A GIRL! News to arrive...number 3. Yay, more grandkids! Also, Tammy is supposed to have Irish twins...so more babies, baby!
WIN/FAIL. Tammy and Frank had Baby Russ in June of 2011. And they announced his impending arrival on Thanksgiving Day, but we were too dense to decode the "I'm the Big Brother" message on Seth's t-shirt without prompting. Reba was right on with her number 3 on that flip of the card, but got it totally wrong on the gender of the baby. 

As far as the Irish twins are concerned - Tammy and Frank have not ruled out trying for a third child in the near future (this type of thinking happens when you have already given birth to two of the most good-natured babies in the history of mankind).

I'll Take 'The Boy's Future for 500, Reba
One of the questions I asked (after she pushed the cards around on the table, Go Fish style) after picking one of the cards...

What do you see in The Boy's future? I told her he's 15. No further info was given.

Reba's answer (or should I say, this is what the card indicated):

In two years, The Boy will figure out what he wants to do with his life.
THE JURY IS STILL OUT. Two years haven't gone by yet, perhaps he will know what he wants to do by this August.

He will have a 'morbid' (her word) profession: perhaps he'll get into forensics, or embalm bodies, or be the person to pick up dead bodies. He will get jobs making great money, and will someday be the director of a company.

Ya know, the dead don't care if you insult them, and they won't groan at The Boy's corny jokes...Reba may have something there!

IFFY. Here's The Boy with his new "friend" - it's not living, though he does pick up its body, and bring it to life (oh, doesn't that sound creepy?):

Jeff Muppetstein and The Boy
The two party poopers crashed at 10pm on New Year's Eve

Jeff whipping something up in the kitchen

Would you ever visit a psychic? And if you have, how accurate were the predictions?

And how can I get paid for playing with cards and making up stuff?

And do you think I can add Jeff as a dependent on our income taxes for 2011?


  1. OMG I'd TOTALLY go to a psychic!!!

    The picture of the puppet and your son sleeping.. totally priceless :)

  2. I would totally visit a psychic. . . drunk. I mean, it's nothing I'd do out of any desire to learn my future, but more for "funsies".

    I love that you've lined up the results here. it would be cool to go yearly and report the results. Especially at the beginning of a new year.

    In fact, now that I say that, a fortune teller would be a great entertainer to hire at a New Year's Eve Party. *thinks about next year*

  3. Well, no I’ve never bothered visiting a psychic, I’ve never been convinced of any reason to. I’ve known several people that have reported on their visits, and have not yet been at all convinced to change my mind about that. Perusing your tailored prognostications, I see nothing more than probability, statistical odds, cold reading and warm reading. i.e.:
    1.“You’ll get a job.” “The mister will get a job.” It is very likely that someone actively looking for a job will eventually get one. Unemployment may be 10%, but that means ‘employment’ is at 90%.
    2.“The name ‘Terry will be important to you.” Pardon my ‘Duh!’. Terry is the 57th most common male first name in America, and ‘Terri’ is number 436 for females. Hard to imagine anyone that this would not somehow apply to. The first thing I thought of were my cousin, Terry, a couple of guys I worked with a while back, and this hot young babe receptionist named ‘Teri’ that used to work the front desk. Try hard enough and most people have a ‘Terry’ or two that they’ll now start thinking more about.
    3.“The Mister and I are healthy” 50/50 shot at worst. The fact that she was looking at you and not seeing any prominent frailties would hedge that bet as well.
    4.“A friend will get divorced in the next year.” Hardly a leap. Divorce rates being what they are and the word ‘friend’ being as subjective as it is.
    5.“We will take a car trip next year.” 76% of all leisure travel in America is by car. Once again, hardly a long shot.
    6.“Someone in the family is having a baby” Once again she can see you, estimate your age, and by this time knows a bit about you. In my family, which is not especially large, we see a new baby about once a year or so if you count cousins, nieces, nephews, in laws, step kids, etc. I’m not significantly impressed.
    7.“In two years, The Boy will figure out what he wants to do with his life” He’ll be 17. By that age most boys have some sort general ‘plan’ or notion as to what they want to do, or aim for as an adult. But keep in mind, just ‘figuring out what he wants to do’ may have little or no relation to what he actually will do, AND should he ‘figure out’ that he wants just to be a hobo, derelict, or general burden on society, the psychic will still catch a ‘win’ as her she’s only predicting that he will ‘figure out what he wants’. Not that he will actually attain any success. The ‘great deal of money’ is of course, relative and the psychic doesn’t even say that the certain windfall will be long-lasting. As for ‘director of a company’, well, I’d call that a throw-away that could take decades to prove out.
    As for the numbers. Simple parlor tricks. There are six days in a week, four weeks(give or take) in a month, twelve months in a year, etc. If one were positively motivated they could figure out a way to make the predicted number fit the presumed fulfillment, more or less.

    Okay, this is all I’ve got, the various reasons that I don’t go to psychics is simply because I’ve never come across one that wasn’t merely using common tricks and techniques that have been around for centuries that have nothing at all to do with mystical, metaphysical abilities. Observation, body language, general suggestion, vague forecasts, practical probability, I’ve seen it all before. In another line of work folks that are good at this sort of conniving, convincing trickery and blatant lack of specificity are called ‘economists’ or ‘consultants’.
    Tell me she said: “Your cousin Terry Johnson will have a daughter on May 17th and then will divorce two months later and will then set out on a road trip and find a job at Dow Chemical working as an Ad exec.” And if that even MOSTLY comes true, I’ll start to be a little more open minded.Without specificity the information provided is essentially useless.
    Besides, I’m a Sagittarius, we’re naturally skeptical about the metaphysical realm.

  4. I would totally try a psychic just for fun.

    And you're the tax expert -- you should know if you can count Jeff as a dependent!! : )

  5. Those photo's of Jeff are great. I especially enjoyed the one where they are both sleeping open mouthed. :)

    I would like to go see one, but I don't want to spend the money.

  6. Nah, I'd rather spend the money on an ice cream & make my own stuff up ;) I'm loving Jeff, but I hope you're charging rent or at least making him pitch in grocery money.


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