January 22, 2012

Saying Goodbye Should Always Be this Easy

The Death Machine has left the driveway...permanently.

It never looked this good when I got it!
I cleaned out the car and threw away all the trash that had accumulated (most of it located where The Boy sits). 

I lovingly patted the car bra that probably hid untold damage (I'd never removed it the entire time we owned the car); The Mister only drove it once or twice - said that it was a "girl car" because it wore a bra.

I drove the car to its final destination (The Mister followed, lest it not make it the 47 miles).

I waved at the car as we left the dealership. Bye bye, Taurus. Thanks for getting me most of the places I needed to go. It was real. It was fun. It just sometimes wasn't real fun.

Like the fact that we've spent three times your book value on repairs in the last three years. Good riddance, money pit.

I'm mobile again - in a safe, reliable vehicle - and when I say reliable, I really mean "under warranty").

It's not my dream car (I longed for the Alien Green Kia Soul, so ugly it was cute) - but that was not in the budget.

Isn't that charmingly ugly?
So I had to put on my granny panties and find a compromise vehicle - that had to both speak to me AND not send us to the poorhouse.

My new ride - 2010 Kia Optima
Pretty, isn't it?

I think the Optima is awesome in both regards - and what's more, even The Mister likes it.

It's Midnight Blue, which looks almost black. I imagine I'll walk right past it in parking lots, thinking it IS black.

Now I'll be able to venture beyond my neighborhood when necessary. I'll have A/C when it's hot and muggy this summer, and a working fuel gauge (so I no longer have to fill up every 200 miles to avoid running out of gas).

I can once again go to my writers' meeting on the last Saturday of the month (100 miles, round trip), and can drive The Boy to his appointments (70 miles, round trip) without having to justify the money spent on gas to The Miser Mister, or having to borrow a car during the week.

I won't have to wonder if today's trip will result in a breakdown of one of the many internal systems that are failing.

Since Friday, songs about hitting the road have been running through my head - what's YOUR favorite car song?


  1. Goodbye and good riddance Taurus! Hello Optima! I've heard good things about Kias … it should be a major step up!

  2. On the road again...in all aspects, singing, riding. Happy for you.

  3. I really like your new car. Those old cars are crazy scary. My husbands fuel gauge is kind of like your old cars. yuk.

  4. a new ride is always so much fun!! We had our fun when we got the new hyundai electra. It is awesomeness in itself!!!!


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