January 03, 2012

Visualize Whirled Peas...Or Something Like That

On New Year's Day, Tammy brought Seth and baby Russ to our house to eat some Hoppin' John. I'd searched off and on for a recipe over the years; I used to eat Hoppin' John when I worked at an Air Force base hospital in SC.

It was my first time living in the South, and I had never eaten black-eyed peas before. I kinda fell in love with the dish.

I found a recipe that I thought was close to the flavors that I remembered.

Seth was not impressed by what he saw in his bowl. "Grandma, I want vegetables! I want peasandcorn!"

So being the big softie, I steamed up some peas and corn for Seth.

I tricked him to try a black-eyed pea or two by telling him they were special, just for New Year's Day, and he tried a few grains of rice...one grain and one black-eyed pea at a time.  I copied what he ate - I'd put just one black-eyed pea and one grain of rice on my fork, and we'd both take a taste.

Then he got down to business with his peas and corn. While he was eating, he sneezed - bright green pea fragments ended up on the table.

And, through the magic of the human body, one bright green pea traveled from his mouth...

and ended up in his right nostril. 

Funny how the throat and sinuses are connected like that.

It was kinda pretty, a shiny green pea visible from inside his nose. I'd heard of kids putting dried peas and beans (or toys) up their noses - but they used their fingers; all Seth did was sneeze, and voila!

This was better than watching David Copperfield make a building disappear, IMO.

You can find out how to get peas out of a toddler's nose here.

Again, Seth was not impressed. He wanted that pea out of there. The pea was blocking his nostril, and he sounded congested.

We sat at the table and discussed removal methods. The Mister shot down my suggestion to use tweezers, afraid that it might poke him (Have I told you how I hate it when he's right?).

Tammy said that it would not be a good idea to tell him to blow his nose because he usually inhales rather than exhales.

Nice to know that The Boy and Seth have something in common.

I wanted another look at that pea, just for curiosity's sake.

"Seth, turn your head toward me, and look up at the ceiling."

I ever so gently touched the right side of his nose. He quickly turned his head back...

and that pea rolled right out of his nostril and onto his shirt before it fell down to the floor!

It was pretty magical.

Afterward, I lamented that we didn't have a video camera during the expulsion of the seed of the Pisum Sativum.

When Seth went home, he kept telling his daddy, "The pea landed in Baby Russ' mouth!" (since Russ was on the floor in his infant seat).


That Seth is quite a kidder, just like his dad.

I swept up that pea later that night. It had lost its cylindrical shape and its bright green color...and most of its magic by then.

And the song I was humming when I swept? 

Give Peas a Chance

And here's a picture of Seth playing Just Dance 3 on the Wii, none the worse for wear after his encounter with killer vegetables.


  1. Oh man, you just have to love the things that go in and out of kids noses. For the record. I bet you would have rocked getting the pea out with the twizzers.

  2. LOL!! Yeah, too bad about not having a video camera! You could've sent it to AFV and won!


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