February 02, 2012

Eight is GREAT!

Eight years ago today, in Punxatawney, PA, Phil popped out of his dark home and his shadow indicated six additional weeks of winter.

But Phil wasn't the only creature to pop out of a dark hole and see the light on Feb. 2, 2004:

Granddaughter Jordyn turns 8 today! She's skipping school and will spend some time at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney World so she can get her princess-y self dolled up. She doesn't know about the Boutique visit, only that she's going to the happiest place on Earth.

That's how I'd describe our house when they come to visit this June!

Shannon and family have a season pass to DW. Thanks, Florida-resident discount!

There was talk of blindfolding Jordyn until they walk to their destination, but I think that may be a bit extreme, not to mention weird.

In anticipation of the trip, Shannon and Aaron bought our little princess a Rapunzel dress.

Who knows? Maybe Jordyn will come home as a blonde with long, flowing locks!

But even without all the Disney pampering and paraphenalia, Jordyn will always be Grandma Kim's princess, for sure.

I better get myself dolled up in case she calls me to jet down to FL for a career-making photo shoot.

Now where did I put those bagpipes?


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. I certainly can relate to how they brighten up your life!!!

  3. Oh, Happy B-day, baby girl! My Oldest Chica is commemorating her birth in a couple of days. May I borrow your bagpipes?

  4. My grandson was supposed to be born 02-02-02, but he made his appearance on 02-04-02. Happy birthday to your little princess.


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