February 06, 2012

Let's Be Inspiring, Shall We?

Courtesy of peevee@ds, Creative Commons
I've decided that 2012 is The Year of Inspiration...and I've already declared it to be the Year of Mentoring.

Maybe it's because I'm in need of some advice and inspiration, like those days when I'm all "meh", and can't find something worth writing about. Or I need to hear some words of encouragement and advice to be my best, in all areas of my life.

Specifically, I think I need inspiration in my writing, and in my dealings with The Boy.

I think we all could use some inspiration from time to time. It's often helpful to get advice from someone who's been there.

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back."

Chinese Proverb

Twitter can be a great place for inspiration. Short, concise, witty tweets on any manner of subjects. @TheCoffeeKlatch, which includes a site about topics for parents of children with special needs, had a TweetChat the other night asking what advice and tips for parents whose child had just received an Autism diagnosis.

I participated along with many others. Some of my tweets were heartfelt and hopeful; a few were humorous and/or snarky, because sometimes, using humor/snark is the only way to keep from having my own meltdown.

Here's a tweet I got from @CoffeeKlatch yesterday:

email me to be on my new show - Inspiring Special Needs Parents 

When I read the tweet, I called The Mister to the computer. He needed to see this.

Me? Inspiring? 

Most days, I feel like I just muddle through with The Boy. Once in a while, I feel like I have handled a situation pretty well. There's no instruction manual here, I just do what I can, in each situation. Sometimes it works - other times, not so much.

Per the request from Marianne@The Coffee Klatch, I sent an email, and am waiting to hear what's next.

Here's a link to Inspiring Special Needs Parents post on The Coffee Klatch.

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What/who inspires you?


  1. I'm running low on inspiration, too..must be the "Is it spring yet?" blues :)

    I like the site
    Gratitude Habitat Facebook page & website:
    They say:
    "The goal of the Gratitude Habitat is to appreciate life’s blessings, to open our hearts in gratitude, contributing to a happier, abundant life."

    In one of their recent articles, they have the following inspiration: BOUNCE BACK STRONG

    "Even the happiest person will encounter occasional down times. Being resilient, the ability to rebound successfully from a problem or setback, keeps us from getting stuck in that place of sadness or disappointment. It’s accepting that change and mistakes are part of life, challenges can be overcome, and life can and will go on it you allow it."

    I should sign up with a basketball team I've been doing so much rebounding lately! :)

    I guess that my words of inspiration come from that paragraph. I am thankful that I can still bounce back!!

    Thanks, Kim...

  2. Great post! And I went back and read bits and pieces of the other older ones. (sorry I had a timer going off! :)

    Mentors in my life?? Hmmm....I guess I've had quite a few...I'll have to get back to you on that. Hugs to you, Ms. June!

  3. Your writing is snappy and refreshing and SO real. No wonder you are in demand.

    You always have an inner reserve of strength and humor.

  4. That's wonderful that you were asked to be a part of the Inspiring Special Needs Parents show!

    Even if you don't feel that way some days, (me neither...most days!) it's very helpful for younger moms to see there is a life after diagnosis. :)

  5. Facing each day with your whole heart invested is no small feat, but you do it. You're looking for inspiration. . .to others, you ARE inspiration.


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