April 24, 2012

Jordyn's Career Aspirations: Soft Rock Singer, Princess, Disney Cruise Chef, Diagnostician, Reader

I spoke to our granddaughter Jordyn today. She's 8, and is quite a forward-thinking gal. Eight is not too young to be planning your eventual career, is it?

Soft Rock Singer
A while back, I wrote about Jordyn's grand plan about how she and I are going to take the music business by storm.

On her birthday, she received the full Disney Princess treatment, with makeup and hair done by her fairy godmother from Norway (who was in training).

Disney Cruise Ship Cook/Chef
Today, she told me how she wants to be a cook on a Disney Fantasy Cruise ship, just so she can visit Pepe the King Prawn's door (oh no, another Muppet fan!).

Jordyn's brother, Cameron, is six. He's going to be evaluated for Asperger's next week. Apparently, it's been discussed a lot at home, because she's up on all the buzzwords. Jordyn's take on her brother's behaviors:

"He has trouble controlling his temper. And when I was at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on my birthday, he wanted it to be his birthday too. He got mad and ran off. But later he was very patient waiting in line, except he kicked me."

Here, a moment of brotherly/sisterly love:

I told Jordyn that Uncle (insert name here), aka The Boy, has Asperger's. She was stunned!

After we had finished our Asperger's discussion, she wanted to read stories to me. Following along on this Disney theme, she read a story about Toy Story. Andy, the main character, received a puppy named Buster for Christmas. At one point, she read that Buster went into a frenzy - I explained that frenzy meant that the dog was running around like crazy, totally out of control.

Her response? "Buster has Asperger's!"

The second story involved Winnie the Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Woods. They were on an adventure to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Instead of the pot of gold, their treasures included a shiny rock that glinted in the sun, an empty robin's nest, and Pooh's missing hunny pot, which was filled with that golden hunny that Pooh values more than gold. When Pooh had emptied the pot into his empty tummy, he filled the pot with berries that were every color of the rainbow, to give to Owl.

Tigger was jumping up and down in his excitement over finding the robin's nest. Jordyn diagnosed Tigger with Asperger's, too.

Who knew that Disney featured animated characters on the spectrum?


  1. What a cute little princess. I love talking to my grandkids. The things I learn amaze me.

  2. Your granddaughter IS a princess and a smart one...the Muppet Characters and inclusion :)

  3. I love how wide open her world is … and how she is already pursuing all her career options at such a young age.


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