April 02, 2012

This Ain't No KMart Blue Light Special

The blue light bulb was purchased and installed in the porch light.

It's Autism Awareness Month - where we get to focus all of our attention on the challenges associated with Autism. The statistics say that one out of 88 children has some form of autism, so you probably know someone who is dealing with it; your children may have an autistic classmate.

Our grandson Cameron is due to be evaluated this month (finally...damned health insurance).

So we're going blue for two.

The Boy got accepted into an intensive in-home program for the next two to three months...which means I'll have to keep the house clean.

That realization made The Mister laugh maniacally.

Hopefully, this program will help The Boy keep his temper in check, and cut down on his inappropriate comments.

If our respite funding is enough, The Boy will away for a week of camp again this summer.

That realization makes ME laugh maniacally.

Then I made the mistake of reading this study last night.

Personally, I can't wait for May 1st, so I can forget about autism for another year.

That's how it works, right?

Will YOU be wearing blue today?


  1. Oh I hope the therapy helps the boy and you. I think you definitely need the week long break and I totally agree with that study. Shoot all they needed to do was ask one of us huh, we could have told them all that.

  2. I wore blue! I laughed at how the light scared you when you went outside. Autism spectrum disorder has been raising its head for the last ten years as the symptons are easier to diagnose. I know a slew of family members who are undiagnosed but definetly symptomatic.


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