May 14, 2012

Sacrificing the Inner Sanctum

Flickr, Creative Commons, anomalous
The Mister is racking up an impressive amount of points in the Spouse Olympics. He's giving up his man cave. As I write, the room is in disarray; his desk is pulled away from the wall, and our bedroom is now home to an overwhelming pile of some of The Mister's treasured possessions. The living room is now home to our networked printer, and a bookshelf sits here temporarily, until we make room for it in the catch-all "cat room".

Yes, the cat has her own room. She has a litter box, and a full-sized dresser; she even knows how to open the drawers. Clothing we store in those drawers are "embellished" with mohair mo' hair than you can shake a lint roller at.

Why all of this upheaval? Have I lost my mind completely and learned to embrace the domestic arts? Am I on a cleaning jag?

Nope, but I will be doing lots of cleaning. Next month, Shannon, Aaron, Jordyn and Cameron will be visiting us for a week. We haven't seen them in almost three years. We have lots of fun activities planned, and I can't wait to make up for all the Grandma time I've missed.

I figured that Shannon and Aaron, at least, deserved the privacy of a bedroom. The kids will be sleeping on air mattresses in the living room.

Negotiations are now taking place about the final destination of the desk. The Mister's original thought was to clutter up put it in our bedroom, where we will pile all manner of junk on every horizontal surface it will get lots of use. 

Assuming our negotiations are successful (meaning that I get my way), the man cave will become a lovely guest room, and the master bedroom will not become the Family Repository of Worthless Junk that We May Use One of These Days.

Instead of the man cave looking like this (not his actual desk, but you get the idea):

Flickr, Creative Commons, Courtesy of aliwest44

we'll eventually have this.

The bed frame is in boxes, the mattress/box springs are leaning against the wall. Once we dispatch with the desk, room preparations will begin in earnest. We have about 3.5 weeks to get this place in shape.

And in two weeks, The Mister and The Boy will be home with me, full-time.

I fear that I may need my own inner sanctum.


  1. You will need a "Room of One's Own" very soon!!! I'm so glad you're getting your long overdue grandma time!!!

  2. I'm so excited that you get to spend time with the grandkids. woo hoo.
    good luck with the mister and the boy being home full time. yikes

  3. Yes, a room of your own would be delightful. I can't escape the noise at my house unless I rise at 4:00 a.m.


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