May 15, 2012

Seth is Four!

Today is Seth's fourth birthday! He's an amazing fellow, talks like nobody's business, and is very curious and thoughtful. I love getting his take on things, and listening to his own take on things.

Three has been his favorite number because he's three. He used the same logic when he helped me bake a cake, and I let him break the eggs: "There are three eggs in the recipe because I am three, right, Grandma?"

On Saturday, we attended Frank's (Seth's and Russell's dad) graduation ceremony; he earned his MBA. The Mister, The Boy, and I arrived at the Muny, and The Mister and I sat down at the opposite end of the row. The Boy sat at the other end, with Seth.

Maybe about halfway through the ceremony, Seth finally realized we were there.

"Grandpa, what are you doing here? Grandma, you're not supposed to be here - you're supposed to be at home!"

He did not question how The Boy happened to show up at his end of the row.

So he sat on my lap for a while, and he commented about all the triangles he saw (three sides?), and wondered why there was no #3 seat in our row. There must be a #3, since he's three.

Lucky for me, I was sitting in seat four at the graduation - in anticipation of today, of course!

At the post-graduation lunch, Seth announced, "I eated all of my food! I want cake! Everyone, eat faster!"

Later Saturday evening, Frank, Tammy and Seth attended a Cardinals game. It was Seth's first baseball game. When he knew he was going, he told his mom, "Well, I don't know how to play baseball...I'll bring my T-Ball set!"

This evening, we're joining Seth at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It's his favorite restaurant - he loves the music and the dancing waitstaff.

And next month, he and Baby Russ (who will be ONE) are having a joint birthday party. Seth thinks that Mommy and Daddy went to the hospital to get Baby Russ just for him, so he wanted to share his birthday party with his little brother.

Here Seth and Russ are, in deep discussion:

There's never any jealousy between them, since Russell is his "gift". Seth is such a special boy! Happy Birthday!

Now I need to find a cake recipe with FOUR eggs!


  1. Those boys are precious. I love their reasoning at this age. That basket photo is precious.

  2. Wow. He is precious.

    You can always work your way up to homemade angelfood. That takes a dozen egg whites!

  3. Lordy he is cute!! I shiver to think of how many eggs will be in his tenth birthday cake. I hope everyone's cholesterol can handle his birthday cakes!!


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