May 29, 2012

Ten Days From Now...

Something marvelous happens.

Shannon, Aaron, Jordyn and Cameron will be here, and I'll get my hugs on! I haven't seen them in almost three years, so I'm wee bit excited here.

Progress has been made on the home front. The Man Cave is no more - now we have a guest room. I'm imagining the men weeping for the loss of The Mister's inner sanctum.

The contents of the former Man Cave have been vomited all over the place. Who knew how much valuable stuff crap could be stuffed into such a small space?

Boy, do I have my work cut out for me!

I've been unsuccessful selling a desk online (a whole 'nother post, perhaps), so it sits, partially dissembled, front and center in the living room. Our bedroom is now home to a bookshelf (yippee), as well as a number of books we no longer want. 

Desirous of some nifty magazines? We got 'em.

In preparation for the trip here, Cameron was concerned that he won't be able to find our house, since he's never been here. He then gave me a pretty detailed description of how to find his house.

In an effort to ease his anxiety, I took pictures of our cars in the driveway, our house number, and the front of our place so he has a smidge of recognition when he gets here. I'm sure Shannon will show him the email today.

I'm afraid Jordyn will suffer from TV withdrawals, as we have no cable. She'll be de-toxxing from her addiction to Walker, Texas Ranger. But she'll get to read to me in person now, instead of over the phone, and I'll be able to sing off-key right in front of her (she likes it, poor thing).

We have plans to visit the zoo, some museums, Grant's Farm, and they'll be taking The Boy to Six Flags (I'll gladly pay for the pleasure of missing that trip). I want to have a family dinner where five of the six kids and all of the grandkids will be in attendance.

A third grader and a second grader will soon walk through this door - they're growing up too fast. Where's the freeze frame thingy to keep them little a while longer?


  1. Oh I am so excited for you!! I'm sure it can't come soon enough!

  2. It was my idea to make the man cave into a guest room PFTTTTT

  3. I can only assume that Anonymous IS The Mister. Yes, dear, it was your idea - you gave it up willingly.

    But can you imagine all of the men mourning your loss?

  4. I'm so excited for you. Even tho, I would go to Six Flags if it were me. I love roller coasters.


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