May 10, 2012

Three Years Ago Today, I...

started this blog, because I needed to write; I felt a need to express myself, to be heard. I was in a new place, with few social outlets. I was often lonely, and wondered how I was going to fill my day without full-time employment. Along with the venting and clarification of all of the bits of thoughts and ideas rolling around in my head, I made discoveries.

I started out as June Freaking Cleaver, afraid to reveal too much of myself. But I grew trusting and courageous, and finally became just Kim.

I've discovered a community of like-minded (well, most of the time) folks who share my love of the written word. Women, primarily, who vent and describe their day in such vivid detail that I feel I am right beside them, sharing a cup of tea and companionship.

I've received so many kind and supportive comments and validation that leads me to believe that either we're all as crazy as I think I am, or we're all a little bit of okay.

I've made friends, some I've met in person. Others seem close though we are separated by miles, yet connected by interests and desires and an Ethernet cable.

Sharing secrets, parenting tips and recipes (and recipes for disaster), I've learned so much from all of you. And I've learned a bit about myself, too.

We've moaned and bitched and whined and LOL'ed our way through the ups and downs of the lives we lead. I've found comfort in your words, encouragement in your successes, and I've felt admiration in the (mostly) gracious way you all handle the challenges that life hands you.

Who'd have ever thought three years ago, when I first sat at the computer for my first blog post, writing to nobody at all, really, that my life would be enriched so much by our virtual, and real, relationships.

I'm humbled and hopeful, and oh so grateful for your ongoing kindnesses. You've inspired me more than you know.

Thank you for writing, reading, for commenting, for


  1. WE, each and all need to "thank" each other I suppose,, and I do thank you Ms Cleaver.. lol I enjoy reading from a woman's point of view since i dont get enough of that from "The Boss" and my three daughters.. lololol.. truthfully I enjoy your posts so keep on a'keepin on...

  2. I came to blogging looking for someone who was dealing with bipolar in their child. What I found was a network of women who held me up through the roughest of days. I love your page and I will be glad to have you back normally.

  3. That's so true. I'm still stuck in my own version of the Cleaver phase but I'm very grateful to those who've moved beyond that and write what they want to write.

  4. Likewise, you have brought smiles to my day. Glad I found you.

  5. Thank you for sitting down three years ago and just writing. I guess that's how it starts. I've loved every one of your posts, even the not-so-fun ones. Sometimes I just didn't know what to say to be supportive, so I didn't leave comment. I'm sorry, I should have at least let you know that I was there and heard you. Don't stop're very good at it!

  6. As always, you said that so well. I started a little over three years ago and NEVER expected that my blogging journey would be so rewarding and long-lived. Here's to many more years together in our virtual community!


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