June 25, 2012

The Best Week of 2012...Darned Near Perfect

A few weeks ago, Shannon, Aaron, Jordyn and Cameron came for a visit. After a sixteen hour drive in a van without A/C, they arrived in fine form. The kids were a little bit shy with us at first (we hadn't seen them in person in almost three years); but they warmed up quickly. 

This is the most time Jordyn and Cameron have ever spent with The Mister. In him, they found a playmate, and enjoyed dogpiling on him and getting rides on his shoulders. Jordyn (who The Mister says is a "mini me") loved bossing him around.

Was he insulting both of us?

We had a lot of fun! There was lots of laughter and tickles, some good-natured teasing and silliness. Oh, there was some bickering, and some whining, but overall, everyone was well-behaved...even The Boy. He showed amazing patience and tolerance - maybe he's growing up a bit.

Saturday morning, Shannon and I attended my writers' group while everyone else went to see Madagascar 3. We later met up at Cici's pizza with Tammy, Frank, Seth, Russ, Desi and Eli to have Eli's birthday dinner. He's SEVEN!

The next day, we went to the joint birthday party for Seth and Russ (Seth is FOUR and Russ is ONE!), and the kids had a great time bowling and playing pool. After the party, we went to The Magic House, a children's museum. 

Jordyn bowling
Cousins getting to know each other: Eli (l), Cameron (r) Can you believe their  both  7 this year?
Birthday Boy Seth (4), enjoying his lunch
Birthday Boy Russ (1) enjoying his cake
The Magic House
The Magic Treehouse exhibit

President Cameron's press conference

President Jordyn's press conference

Cameron installing a muffler

Jordyn and her daddy blowing big bubbles
On Monday, we went to the St. Louis Zoo and enjoyed seeing the animals. While we were inside at the oh-so-cold penguin and puffin exhibit, a thunderstorm raged outside. We did some more communing with the animals when the rain turned to light showers. I returned to the van earlier than everyone else, and met an Amish family, twenty-four in number, who wanted to spend some time at the zoo before they headed back on the chartered bus for a trip to see a daughter and her family in Kentucky.

Two of the biggest meerkats I've ever seen
The penguin choir, warming up
Tuesday, The Mister went off to work and Shannon and Aaron took The Boy, Jordyn and Cameron to Six Flags. Amusement parks are not my thing anymore. I stayed home and napped and goofed off and read. The kids enjoyed all the hugs they got from their favorite Looney Tunes characters (which is the only reason The Boy wanted to go - he doesn't do rides).

The kids with that wascally wabbit, Bugs

Jordyn and The Boy with Daffy

Shaggy and The Boy - see the resemblance?
Wednesday, we visited The Museum of Transportation. We rode the train, looked at some really cool cars (and Jordyn insisted that she have her picture taken by every car in the building). She was working on her Vanna White vibe as she posed like Vanna in front of the Wheel of Fortune letter board.

This, by far, was Cameron's favorite destination. He loves all kinds of vehicles. He enjoyed climbing on the huge locomotives and checking out the numerous train cars.

I like the old timey feel of this one

Cameron loves trains!

Isn't this big?
When we pulled into our driveway, I pretended I was the vehicle conductor, and reminded all of my passengers to remain seated until I honked the horn (just like they did on the train and the tram).  I got proof that I am truly the grumpy old lady in the neighborhood when a neighbor boy (who I've scolded numerous times for misbehavior) jumped when I honked and asked, "What did I do this time?"

It was a proud moment for me. I figure I'm just a housedress and fuzzy slippers away from legendary grump status. Think Maxine of the trailer park set.

In addition to our sightseeing, Jordyn and I made banana bread together, and she read to me. I taught both kids my tortuously off-key country/western rendition of "Home on the Range" (a weapon I used to quiet a carful of unruly Brownie scouts back in the day). The kids they eagerly memorized the song during their stay. There was so much twang in their singing, I expect them to be a hit at the Grand Ole Opry.

Thursday, our company took to the road again for their return trip. It was hard not to notice how quiet it was once they left. I offered to put the kids in my pocket and keep them, but they declined my offer (and noticed that my pants had no pockets).

I'm so grateful that they came, and we all have lots of good memories to hold me until I get my hands on those sweet kids again.


  1. Wow … what a week! I'm sure they will be back sooner than 3 years with all the fun you guys had!! I'm sure it is very very very quiet now. Sigh.

  2. how fun all those places looked. and yes, I really saw the shaggy.

  3. The best times our kids had as younguns came when the cousins visited. Now our oldest nephew is married with a daughter and is posting some of the same types of snaps on Facebook that I have in my old-school photo albums. Cherish those memories!


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