June 01, 2012

Moving Up, Moving On...In the Same Place

In a couple of hours, I will be attending The Boy's awards/graduation ceremony at school. Every child will get an award; some will graduate and move on with further education and learn about the world of vocational rehab and services for adults with autism.

The Boy was insistent on wearing a tie this morning.  He's lucky that my dad taught me how to tie a necktie when my brother Greg was a bagger at a Foodland store many years ago.

It looked quite strange dashing with his polo shirt (I don't know what he did the dress shirt we bought him recently; though we searched, we didn't find it). I wished I'd thought to take a picture before he got on the bus. Just picture his outfit: Black cargo pants, red polo shirt with stripes, and a bright blue necktie that is festooned with what The Boy insists are Chinese characters. Stunning.

Those characters scream "Look at me! I'm awesome despite my possible arrest by the Fashion Police!"

One student in his school wears a tie every day - even with  t-shirts. 

It's all about accessorizing.

The Boy is nervous about today, and so am I. Public humiliation is not one of my favorite things...and you just never know what will come of this child's mouth when he has an attentive audience.

I think he's worried that he will cry - his best (and only) friend is graduating today. He's a kind fellow, and is a good influence. Heck, I may cry too.

His respite from academia will be short - the Summer session starts June 25. Until then we have Shannon's visit, and a he goes away to camp for a week. But he'll demonstrate loads more maturity, as he is now a Junior in high school.

The finish line is in sight...just have to keep on moving on.


  1. I hope it was a wonderful momentous event and I also wish you and the boy a peaceful three weeks.

  2. good for him wanting to wear a tie. and I just know that you are really looking forward to the week of camp.

  3. I wish you'd gotten a photo. That sounds like some outfit! But hey … that might be THE thing with the kids nowadays. Who knows!

  4. That is a short summer! Are you on year round school?


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