July 28, 2012

At a Blogging Impasse...Now What?

If anyone is still reading this blog, you have noticed that I'm not posting very often.

The Boy has threatened to sue me if I write about him. He doesn't even read my blog anymore, because anything I have to say is lame and worthless.

But he has an online gal who now reads this blog AND my Facebook page, and she reports all information back to The Boy.

Our life adventures have made up a large number of my posts...and I'm not sure where to go from here. 

I'm not concerned about the lawsuit; that's just silly. But I also don't want to start WWIII after writing about The Boy's challenges and successes.

I'm stumped, and am thinking about shutting the blog down, and giving up the idea of writing in general, since I seem to have a knack for ticking off the more sensitive members of the family.

Any suggestions?


  1. hmmmm, a connumdrum. I think you should still blog, because well, you and me go way back. And you always encouraged me to branch out and be brave. I know since I haven't been working I haven't had as much to write about, but I still do. It will come back. Keep going. I'll be here.

  2. I love your blog and can only imagine my withdrawls if you withdraw. I'll bet Erma went through the same thing.
    You could always make observations and comments about strangers. I mean, just walk into Wal-Mart and begin jotting notes.

    Respect your son's privacy, but hubs is fair game ;)

  3. fwiw. I think you should continue to blog. Even you use it as a journal of sorts to vent and work things out in your head. Everyone needs an outlet :)

  4. ibenna reading your blog/posts for a quiet good spell...I find interest not from amusement so much as education. I think you are wrestling with things that most of us dont. I too have slowed down with posting since my "episode",, but i want to continue. I think you will be cutting yourself "short" if you stop writing all together... I feel pretty sure you even have a book inside ya...but good luck,, if you stop we will all miss ya.. glenn

  5. I hope you don't give up blogging. I think you can give up blogging about The Boy and find lots of other things to dither on about. I love your poems, your rants, your made up stories. Please don't leave!!

  6. I hope you can keep it up. There are mothers who have children in the same predicament but younger than yours and appreciate knowing what's ahead of them. But I totally understand if you can't do it.

  7. I too love your blog and hope you continue. You can start a new blog and have it private and only allow certain people to enter, I think.


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