July 16, 2012

The Latest News and Random Links that May Be Modestly Useful

The News
July is a great month for birthdays
The Boy turned 17 on Saturday. We celebrated with a meal at IHOP, where the waitstaff serenaded him and presented him with a free sundae. For once, he was the embarrassed member of the family.

He'll be a man some day, and can now be charged as an adult in the justice system. Sure, that isn't what most parents think of on their child's birthday, but in his case, it is a constant possibility.

When I talked to granddaughter Jordyn and said that The Boy is almost a man, she commented, "He's almost a grownup teen. He can't be a full grownup until he is 20." She said this as if it was common knowledge, with a hint of 'oh, Grandma Kim, you are so clueless' in her voice. It's a good thing I have her.

Grandson Cameron turned seven on Sunday. He got lots of Cars-related gifts, and it was good. He didn't want cake. There were long pauses in phone conversation - the toys took all of his attention.

July is a great month for unemployment
I have only two more weeks of "wifely vacations" before The Mister's job assignment is over. This event will happen approximately as the same time as the end of summer school.

Think about this a moment.

All three of us, at home, together, all.the.time.

Feel my pain.

Send chocolate.

Links to Sites You May Enjoy (because I'm always thinking about YOU)
Writing links
Use this site to determine how close your story is to becoming a bestseller. Simply copy 1,000 words into the sample box and let the magic happen. 

Read these tips from famous authors, and then write your best stuff. But finish reading this post first, okay? Thanks.

Are you averse to aerobics? Phobic about Pilates? Feel yucky about yoga? I'm right there with you. But fear not, this site will show you simple ways to get in a little exercise without having to wipe another person's sweat off the bicycle seat at the gym. Common sense, practical tips to get you moving without much effort. Who could ask for more than that? www.good.is/series/no-more-dirty-looks/

Brand Loyalty - Really?
Before you next trip to the grocery store, take a look at this infographic. Do you have brand loyalty? Can you list the superiority of your favorite brand name products? Look who makes your favorite products.

Books, books and more books
This link opens a page that lists 20 sites that offer free ebooks. As a frugal reader, I love getting free books for my Kindle.

Speaking of books, if you want a thriller that will keep you guessing (and have you changing your mind regarding the guilt or innocence of more than one character), get Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I listened to this as an audiobook which improved my experience with the book.

This link lists one person's opinion of the greatest books since 1990. Give it a look...do you agree? What would make your list?

Random stuff (like the rest of this post isn't perfectly random)
And finally, some totally useless information. Should I be proud or ashamed that I knew several of these facts?

Have some fun!


  1. consider this a "chocolate comment",,, hope you're having a great summmer/

  2. happy birthday to the boy and grandson. You got to love when your grandchildren think you are somewhat an idiot. NOT.

    I'm going to check out that writing site. Now that I've read your post and commented. because, well, that would just be rude if I didn't finish reading your post.

  3. It is a shame that each birthday the Boy has brings him closer to real danger with law enforcement. Hugs to you for that.

    And DUH, don't you know that about 20 year olds? (Actually, I would have said 21 but what do I know? I'm clueless.)

    And Gone Girl rocked didn't it? I wish I had done it on audio but I couldn't … I just gobbled it up in print in one day!

  4. What great resources! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to list all these sites... and if you send me your address, I'll send you chocolate!


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