July 31, 2012

The Moon as Curmudgeon of the Cosmos

The moon gazes upward to the darkened sky
His eyes a bit downcast, feeling shy in that "aw, shucks" way
His cheeks puffed out like he's holding jawbreakers in his mouth
Eager to look full of himself
Two days early and getting all this attention in the cloudless night
Like he can help the brightness that is messing up the viewing of meteor showers
Embarrassed at the inconvenience of it all
The distant stars taunt him by winking, in on the joke of premature roundness
Stuck counting the days until he's off duty
When the spotlight will no longer be on him
He'd be happy if he never, ever heard he's made of cheese
And if he ever sees a jumping cow in his vicinity, he'll lose it
Until his reprieve, each night an eternity, up there on display
He looks forward to his new moon vacation
On August 17, he's gone, giving the stage to that arrogant Orion
while the North Star gripes, "Hey, what about ME?"

Flickr Creative Commons by a snap happy chappy

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  1. Good golly woman, you have multiple talents. This is terrific adn chock full of wonderful imagery.


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