August 04, 2012

Saturday Centus - 08/04/12 - Poetry for Pooches

This week, Jenny Matlock has provided a picture as inspiration, and has instructed us to create a rhyming poem of no more than 100 words.

Oscar Mayer Never Had It So Good

My human left me at home today
Planned a picnic for herself and her boyfriend, Jay.
She returned a little later, her sunburn plain to see.
She let me go outside so I could pee.
I whined, I panted, I whimpered and cried.
It’s 108 degrees, my paws are fried.
My human, being the epitome of sweet
Emptied her cooler on the hot concrete.
Jealous dogs I know will howl and drool
While I lie here and relax, feelin’ nice and cool.


  1. Wow, excellent poem. I so love hearing the dog's thoughts, ha.

  2. And I'll bet you didn't even have to sweat a bit as you wrote this. Poetry comes easy to you. This was cute!

  3. Love this one from the dog's view! Great job!

  4. Enjoyed this dog's eye view of dog days.


  5. After their walk in the morning with Rod, the little one climbs on the first step of the pool to cool off!! Wonderful poem, Kim!!

  6. Another wise doggie! Great poem....and they really do know how to live it up in style while their humans are away....!

  7. The catch of the day, on ice.
    Somehow it doesn’t seem so nice.
    I’m sure it’s fresh and cold,
    But frankly, it looks a little old.
    Discriminating fishmongers will think twice.

  8. That was just awesome...well done !!!

  9. Kim! How cool!

    Pun intended.

    Loved this and I really enjoyed reading it from the hot dogs perspective!


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