August 16, 2012

Today is The Mister's Day!

The Mister turns 58 today! 

We'll be lunching at Red Lobster with Tammy today, and will enjoy the Endless Shrimp. Many tasty crustaceans will sacrifice their lives to satisfy our appetites...I'm sure they won't mind giving their all for the bossy guy.

Later, we'll enjoy a slice of Pineapple Upside Down Cake, The Mister's favorite. I hope he doesn't grow accustomed to this level of spoiling!

Though his tresses are mostly gray, and he no longer sports an Afro-like 'do, he still rocks his unique fashion style.

Tom and his girls, love the '80s fashions!

You'll never see him in jeans (he hates them), he does clean up nice.

Walking Tammy down the aisle

He's under the delusion that he's "in charge around here" - see how he is mad with power?

His diabolical plan to control that's gonna work
Despite his maniacal need for control, he can be a good guy - and I'm lucky to have him. He makes me laugh, he drives me nuts...and he keeps me supplied with chocolate and outrageous amounts of Coke Zero.

Most importantly, he tolerates me. What's not to love?

Happy Birthday, Mister!


  1. awww, now that's the kind of romantic tribute I can appreciate. Hope your Mister has a fabulous birthday of spoiling and shrimp (jealous!).

  2. Happy Birthday to the Mister. How cute are you guys together.!!. HA as if a remote control could tame you or I or any woman for that matter lol.

  3. and a Big Happy to both of you,,lol

  4. Be careful … it kind of seems like you LIKE HIM!! : ) HAHA! Happy Birthday to The Mister!

  5. Happy birthday to the boss(y) man. I absolutely LOVE that photo of you two. The afro hair pic takes me back. Aww this is sweet.

  6. aaahhh Happy Birthday to The Mister. And he keeps you in Coke Zero. What a good man.
    You did have to go and mention Red Lobster. I love their coconut shrimp. ohhhhh I want some now badly


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