August 19, 2012

You Know I Love You...But We Need Some Time Apart

Hey you, on that pedestal...

I've had a crush on you since I was a kid. I remember when I thought you worked for what was best for me, and for our future. I was mesmerized by your power. You were smart and flashy and controversial. Oh sure, you had wars to wage, and you could be gruff and bossy, but you could also muster up a kinder, more compassionate side. I was far too young for you to pay me any notice, but rest assured, I was watching you.

When I grew older, I succumbed to your charms. I hung on every word you said; at night, I'd deconstruct each message, looking for hidden meanings. I was so happy when you noticed me. You started calling me, asking what I thought about things. I felt like I  mattered to you - I was totally smitten. I basked in your victories, and steeled myself for the next fight when you lost. 

I'm sure my friends and family grew tired of hearing me talk about you. They didn't understand the bond we had.

All that's over now. You've changed so much that I hardly recognize you. You've turned mean; you're dishonest and disrespectful. You spend money like it's water (just where are you getting all this money?) It's changed you; I liked you so much more when you stood on your own. Now you are hanging out with shady characters with deep pockets and you lie so often that I fear that your pants will catch on fire. You have your new friends lying for you now. I'm afraid that you already believe their lies...and that you are so delusional that you think I'll believe those lies too.

I am so disappointed in you, and saddened that you've forgotten about what's important for our future. My heart is breaking just writing this.

I do love you, but I can't stand the sight of you right now. I think I need some space and time to think about where to go from here. I am so torn - you mean so much to me, I'm sure I'll be listening for any news about you, and I'll stalk you on Facebook to see how you're getting along without me.

Take care of yourself. Don't call me - I need a few months to put this all in perspective (and to give you time to reconsider how you're acting). I promise I'll get back to you in November.

I mean it, Presidential Election - I've loved you for ages, and hope you can make the changes that are necessary so we can get our relationship back on track.

I want to believe in you again.

All my best,

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  1. Somehow, I don't hold out hope that things will get better for you two.


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