September 18, 2012

Creative Writing Now - Day 2

Today's prompt is a doozy:

Write a story that includes: a tombstone, a first kiss, and a butterfly collection…

'Til Undeath Do Us Part

Elliott Durkin, a leading  lepidopterist (butterfly collector) and university professor in the Department of Entomology, looked up at his graduate students and smiled. "Class dismissed. Enjoy your Christmas break.  See you in Entomology 321 in January!" He slammed his instructor textbook closed, satisfied with the thump it made in the lecture hall. Fourteen harried grad students gathered their belongings and headed for the exit. Only Mallory Kelvin remained seated. As Elliott's graduate assistant, she was going along on Elliott's trip to locate and mount the rare Chorinea amazon in the Amazon rainforest. Their flight for Peru was set to leave Sunday morning at 6am. They should arrive in Satipo, Peru sometime Tuesday afternoon. Most of their gear had been flown ahead and had arrived at Dr. Arlene Zappone's lab in Moran Kiari. From there, it was a mere nine miles to Satipo and the elusive butterfly.

Lost in thought about their upcoming adventure, Elliott didn't notice Mallory approaching him from behind. Her pale complexion was in deep contrast to Elliott's dark tan. She walked without making a sound and put her arms around him, nuzzling into his neck. He tensed, then relaxed - he and Mallory had been an item for half the semester; it was not unusual for her to caress him at work. 

Elliott heard a strange clicking noise escape from Mallory's mouth as she lowered her lips to his neck. He felt a quick prickly feeling, then was overcome with warmth. Mallory's lips lingered on his neck as she sucked his blood. Now he was truly hers.

A few hours later, Elliott awoke in a cemetery. As his eyes focused in the dark, he saw a large obelisk-shaped tombstone. How had he gotten here? Where was Mallory? His last memory was of Mallory's kiss; he had no recollection of his upcoming expedition to Peru. The only thing he felt was a terrible thirst - for blood.

Note: I'm not sure where this story could go. God knows I'm not a Twilight fan, but the vampire connection seemed to work for me when I had to include a tombstone. Schmaltzy, sure. But the assignment is complete, within deadline. Yay me!

Where do you think this story could go?

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  1. Well throw in some werewolves and you've got a hit on your hands!


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