September 21, 2012

On Hiding My Light Under a Bushel

Last night when I was editing my Creative Writing Now - Day 3 entry, I felt like I was accomplishing something good. I felt like a real writer, and I was encouraged by my success.

I thought about the possibility of creating a book of short stories. 

I wondered if I should hide my light under a bushel and write just for me...for now.

I promise I would share later - but I want to take this journey for ME.

Then I got a comment on my post from Linda O'Connell, who is a wonderful writer in the St. Louis area who is very successful at getting her work published. 

She said, "Dang! You sure can write. Are you sure you want to publish these on your blog instead of in a collection of short stories?"

Brilliant minds think alike, and all that.

I think I'll listen to Linda - she knows her stuff.

Thanks for all of the encouragement, and know that I appreciate all of the kind words as I continue in this writing endeavor.

I'll still blog about the everyday nonsense that is permitted, and I'll try to keep it light and goofy.

I kinda figured on a theme for my stories - maybe one for every state I've lived in. There's gotta be a way to take full advantage of my nomadic past.

And I insist on being called a nomad - I am NOT a gypsy; I've never moved in the middle of the night.

Don't forget'll be quizzed later.


  1. You go, Kim! Having the encouragement of Linda is a blessing. Kudos to you on your hard work! I love the "nomad" idea and think it would be a great success!

  2. Cut off my nose to spite my face, did I? Now I won't be able to read your fantastic fiction,and full of life non-fiction. Keep blogging. You inspire me.

  3. I think you are a stupendous writer! Please keep it up.

  4. so so cool. I think you are a fabulous writer.

  5. I think you are a great writer and I encourage you to pursue this. Just promise you'll share your light at some point!


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