October 23, 2012

Let the Sunshine In...Or Something Like That

Not my house, for sure
Fall is here, and sunlight is sometimes at a premium. The days grow shorter; we awake in the darkness and find that most of our evening is dark as well.

For people who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the lack of sunshine can mean the beginning of a bout of depression.

The Boy's bipolar symptoms always rear their ugly head in September - and almost miraculously disappear by April. Assuming that lessening sunlight can be a cause of his symptoms, years ago an agency we worked with bought us a full spectrum light for him to use.

Each September, I carry the lamp from the cat's room into the living room.

Yes, the cat has her own room. I do not. I realize how effed up that is.

The Boy sits near the lamp when he's goofing off before getting on the school bus.

Just a half hour each morning is all that is required.

For those 30 minutes, I could perform microsurgery without difficulty - if I had the proper education, of course.

Every wrinkle and age spot and enlarged pore is highlighted; microscopic cobwebs in the corner are as plain as the crow's feet on my face.

The brightness of the light makes me feel like I live alongside a runway at a major airport...or that, at any minute, I'm about to be interrogated by the FBI.

When we lived in Kentucky, I kept the light in the kitchen - he'd eat his breakfast in front of it. While he waited for me to serve him his food, I felt like I was filming an episode for Food Network - the light was that bright.

A look at the calendar tells me it's Fall...but for us, it's the Age of Enlightenment.


  1. Enlightenment takes on a whole new meaning. I am self-diagnosed, but know that I also suffer from the malady. I mean, up in the dark and asleep when the sun goes down. Uhmm something hits me in November, or I should say, I hit the bed so early I resent myself. Lights, that's what I need. NO, it's a beach.

  2. I've heard those lights are awesome. And we got snow today. I'm sad to see the sunshine not be around.

  3. I think that is great that such a "simple" fix could be found for this type of issue. Long live the light!


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