November 28, 2012

I'm Getting My Annual Haircut!

Yes, you read that right. I get a haircut about once a year...and it looks nice for awhile. Then, as the cut grows out, I lazily put my hair in a ponytail. I'm pretty low-maintenance.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a cut and highlights. I feel like I'm joining the 21st century!

Why am I focused on my haircut now?

Next week, I have an actual face-to-face job interview at a major corporation. No lie. I may not get the job, but at least my locks will be updated.

Which cut should I get?



Or this?

Don't worry, I have no illusions that I possess the talents an Academy Award-winning actress. I just like the way their hair looks, and these women are closer in age to me (I have no illusions about wanting a cut that was designed for someone much younger than myself).

Or should I go wild and get this?

I'm open for suggestions...fix my hair!

Note: No matter what cut I get, The Mister is sure to dislike it. When I got my haircut last year, he asked me NOT to ask him how it looked...he preferred to keep his comments to himself.


  1. I say the Sally look. U look awesome in it.Make sure u come to show me since I can't come to u..Excited to see it on u. U will look charming my Love as usual.

  2. Nix the second one. You're way cooler than that! Go for the first if you want something fun, or the last if you're looking for something classy. Maybe ask your hairdresser which will be the least maintenance. That's always my question when I can't decide. Good luck with your interview!

  3. Not the middle one!! Don't like that at all. I think you need to ask your hairdresser. Hair is so weird and individual. What I want and what it will do are two different things. One another note: SQUEEEEE for the interview. Crossing fingers!

  4. Layers like Sally. Love that style. Good luck on the job!

  5. I say go with the Sally Field look. and husbands, they just don't know anything.

  6. Hey Kim, I agree with the Sally Field look! Gosh, a hair cut, AND highlights?! You'll be dazzling....just like Sally! And the job interview? WOW! They will like you....they will really, really like you!!! AND HIRE YOU! :)


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