November 09, 2012

The Boy Exercises His First Amendment Rights...with a Muppet

The Boy loves all things Muppet-related. He has all of their movie DVDs; he has books and little plastic figures. If you're curious about how The Muppets got their start, ask The Boy and he'll fill your mind with a detailed biography of Jim Henson.

If our home were on fire and They Boy had to decide whether to rescue me or his Muppet paraphernalia, I'm afraid I'd be extra crispy.

One of his most treasured possessions is Jeff.

That's Jeff Muppetstein, his Muppet WhatNot.

They Boy is also interested in politics. He first displayed that interest during the 2000 election, when he told me "Mom, we can't vote for that governor from Texas because he executed too many people." The Boy was five years old.

During the 2004 election, in addition to "Trick or Treat", he said "Thank you for your support" to each house that had a Kerry/Edwards lawn sign that Halloween.

So this year, it was no surprise that The Boy was paying attention to the Presidential campaigning. When The Boy heard that Mitt Romney was planning to cut funding to PBS (Public Broadcasting System), home of Sesame Street and other excellent programming, he was freaked out. 

Personally, I'd be upset if PBS or NPR (National Public Radio) were no longer available. We listen to NPR in the car all the time...which is one big reason The Boy developed an interest in politics.

In fact, many PBS/NPR/Muppet fans were upset, and they took to the streets in Washington, DC last Saturday to participate in the Million Puppet March.

On Facebook, The Boy signed up to host a gathering here in Missouri.

So last Saturday, I drove him to a local GOP office and let him exercise his Constitutional rights to assemble. Were a throng of Muppet fans there to protest with him?


And the GOP office? Empty.

But that didn't stop him.

For an hour, he stood near the road and yelled (with Jeff), "Support PBS! Vote Obama!"

"If Romney is elected, Big Bird will be in the unemployment line!"

"Obama supports the fabricated-American community!"

"Paul Ryan smoked out Oscar the Grouch by kicking over trash cans!"

"Obama knows why there are so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side!"

People honked. They gave thumbs up and peace signs. They smiled, they waved.

He approached people in the parking lot (where I hovered). He and Jeff encouraged voters to support PBS with them.

There was only one negative interaction. One man driving out of the parking lot shouted, "Obama sucks!"

Jeff's response? "So does your mother!"

Not the best response...but then again, it kinda was.

Afterward, The Boy felt proud of himself - he had tried to make a difference.

And I was proud of his interest in politics and his desire to participate in our democracy. Next July, he'll be old enough to participate in the voting booth - he can't wait.

The Boy approved this post.


  1. That's awesome! The Boy is strong and not afraid of an opinion. He has you to thank for that :)

  2. That just gave me goosebumps. I love the picture of him with his puppet and both of their huge smiles. And just so you know, I loved his response to the rombot lover.

  3. So proud of your boy and his convictions!

  4. I love this! This is politics at its absolute best and it makes me glad to see a young person and their Muppet out there exercising their right to free speech. And that fact that Obama won? I think it is due in no small part to this event!!


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